Dealings with the possible hindrances in reaching goals

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Health Issues

Health issues can affect much of our well being as a whole. Our healthy conditions leads us to accomplish our goals. Our working capability physically , mentally , emotionally as well as socially makes it possible.

Anyone who realized the importance of a healthy body, to reach goals and to enjoy life , will pursue to have a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy living.


A. Self discouragement

Discouragements usually is felt by anyone when results of what he has worked hard to the best of his ability didn't turned out good as he expects it to be. Anyone who doesn't know how to deal with such discouragement , will let himself, get affected. Losing his confidence in his ability, he starts to compare himself with others and soon envy creeps in and start to feel bitter with his situation .

Instead of giving sometime to search on his shortcomings or mistakes which is unnoticed maybe due to unawareness he began to see the negativities .

Instead of giving such thoughts of going on and do better or have such positive approaches to such discouragements , he chooses to give up which for him is the easiest thing to do, not realizing that it would only lead to regret later.

Another thing would be, and I hope it would not be, it will become an attitude , that will lead you nowhere if anyone will not be able to deal with discouragements when at first it is experienced.

B. Outside discouragement

It is inevitable for us to encounter persons or situations that would make us feel discourage. Such encounters aggrevates our feelings of failures, incompetence, inadequacies as a person, when we hear directly or indirectly such comments that don not boost our confidence but put it down. Although there are some that encourages still in one's mind and heart lingers the voice of those that are hurting.

Anyone should stop on focusing to such negatives to out you down. Take it a challenge for you, not to prove something to them but more on to yourself, thus building up your self confidence.

Maybe there are yet lots of things that hinders anyone to reach ones goals , but as I can see and personal opinion, this is the foremost to mention.

I believe everyone , is given by God , abilities and talents. It is for us to discover and enhance it for our own good to serve it's purpose for us that God intend it to be.

If ever we discover it, acknowledge, appreciate and enhanced it. For sure everyone has it. It may differ in quantity of abilities and talents given to each person. But then I believe , if God will see anyone how he used his talents and abilities and it pleases God, He will add more to that person. This is based on what I read in the Bible about the Parable of Talents. (Matt. 25:14-30)

Thanks for reading my post. Your comments and interactions are welcome and will be appreciated.

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