Coping up in Life's Situations

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Life's situations in this world may differ from person to person but the bottom line based on our nature as human beings are the same. We are uniquely created from each other, but we are all the same imperfect beings . We came into this world with nothing in our hands and will leave this world with nothing too, to carry in our hands . We are stewards of everything we have and what God will allow us to have.


One of the greatest blessing we have in this world is the life to live with this human flesh . We possessed God given abilities and capabilities in order for us to live and enjoy life to the fullest as God allow us to live. We have our own family to live with.


The basic needs of men are food , clothing and shelter to survive in this world. All other things are just wants or desires of men for comfort, ease , and satisfaction of the flesh.


  • Choice and decision

The kind of life we live is one's own choice. No one is to be blame when you choose to listen to advice, suggestion, opinions of others . Such persuasion leading to your own decision is still your own decision and will be responsible for it.

  • Preference

We have individual differences, and it will only means having individual preferences. Individual differences such as physical characteristics, mental abilities, talents, personality & behaviour, family upbringing, and spiritual beliefs . Such individual differences affects our preferences in all aspects of our lives.


Whatever choice, decision, or preference we have in life, we all human being will face the same realities in life , for we are all the same in nature. We are all imperfect beings, with limitations.


We must accept the fact that we do not know everything but we have the ability to learn in order to know something but still not everything, because we are limited at some extent. Being aware of this fact, failures and committing mistakes are inevitable.

To cope up with failures accept and learn from it , but never give up in trying in order to gain success. Make your failures your challenge and motivation to keep going. No one ever gain success at once by not having some failures before.


Fear is a natural feeling of humans. But never let fear overwhelms you. Fear can hinder you from taking a step towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

Our fears usually emanates from doubts, from feelings of uncertainties and insecurities and from threats and risks that exists or possible to take .

To cope up with your fear, make your fear an advantage and not a disadvantage. Fear can be advantageous if it will make you cautious , alert, and be wise in your choice, decision and preference. Make your fear leads you to do things for your great advantage and welfare, during times of emergencies and natural disaster .

There is only One and above all to whom we can go for refuge, strenght and help, and that is God. Bring our fears caused by our doubts, feeling of insecurities and uncertainties, threats that exists and possible risks to take to God, in His throne of grace. Make ourselves avail of God's grace which is sufficient for us, and of His loving kindness. He will not deny us for He loves us so much and a Father into us who is willing to give the best for His children and looks after the welfare of each and everyone who humbly comes to Him in faith, trust and in full dependence.

Never fear when you put wholly your faith and trust in God , in whom you believe is always with you and will help you. Never fear when you prayed to God for guidance, direction, protection and wisdom. Never fear when you know you are doing the right thing.


We lived in this material world, wherein money is one of the important means to earn for a living, to meet not only the basic physical needs namely food, clothing and shelter, health, educational needs as well as the wants and desires for comfort, ease and satisfaction in life.

To cope up with such needs, we need to work hard, using the abilities and capabilities we had. Every human being I believe God, has given not only abilities and capabilities but also have given talents, whereby can be used to earn for a living. There are people who are physically handicapped but is able to earn a living by their God given talent. And there can be no reason or excuse for a physically normal person who is capable to earn for a living to have such excuse to beg .


We all care about our present more so about our future. We plan ahead and carefully personally and for family for our future . We all want our future to be secured. We work hard at the present not only to meet the present needs , but also for the future, if possible. We try to have some savings for present needs as well as for the future if possible.

To cope up to this reality life situation, we are to be discipline in ourselves in managing or handling money. We also need to guard ourselves in maintaining a healthy living. We ought to do the possible things that we can do as our part and let God do the impossible things for us. We ought to maintain the faith , belief and full trust in God, to whom we owe our life and everything . Our future will surely be safe , secured and at its best according to His will.

There are other things you might as well add to these things that I mentioned but I have to end at this.

I appreciate it much if you add some thoughts on your comment.

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