Awareness On Facts about Money

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Meaning of Awareness

According to Google Awareness is knowledge or perception of a situation or a fact.

Awareness is Important

Awareness of some facts and situations in life and our surroundings will help us to know what things to do if something happens or before it will happen.

Awareness is some kind of a guide for us in making wise decisions. It creates in us an attitude to be cautious & conscious, and not impulsive. It makes our hearts and minds sensitive to dangers thus making us careful, and not be a victim of circumstances. It helps us minimize or get rid of failures or mistakes, that eventually will lead us to enjoy life , instead of suffering the difficulties which is the consequences of not having it.


A. Money is a need to meet the basic necessities of people in life, like food, clothing and shelter.

B. Money is to be use in good things to be assured of a peaceful, safe and a happy life.

C. Money is a blessing from God, when it comes from good ways and means to have it.

D. Money should be handled right for it is difficult to have and easy to lose.

E. Money has power in a person's thoughts and hearts in choosing his way of life

F. Money is not everything in life. Relationship to God and people are more important. and what really matters in this world.

Money is a need to meet the basic necessities of people in life, like food, clothing & shelter.

A person or a family without money is deprived of such necessities. Other people can survive without money , especially those in the rural areas for their are options to meet their basic needs but in urban areas there is much difficulties to face in order to survive. It is because in cities , everything is being bought and paid for by money.

Money is very useful in life, in the present as well as in the future.

The reason why people work so hard, trade and invest, is for them to have more money to use at present and future for self and family.

Their dreams for their children to become in the future needs enough money for it to come true.

The dream to have a house & lot , a car, a comfortable life and ease a lot of money to be use is needed.

The standard of living is raised when a person is blessed with money available to meet beyond their needs.

Money is a blessing. To have money means you are blessed in your kind of job or work.

A man who work as a farmer and have good harvests and able to sell it thus making profits out of it is said to be blessed.

A person who was employed to any kind of work to have a source of income or salary in the form.of money is said to be also blessed much more when he is promoted in work because of diligence & efficiency.

Money should be handled right. A person should have the control over money and not be controlled of it.

This is important for every person to realize. Because mishandling money will cause so much problems in life. It can make a person to be in a good or bad situations.

Mishandling of money is usually the cause of trouble in some relationships at home, in workplace and community or in a society involved in.

Good budgeting of money will make a person debt free. While poor budgeting will get you into debt and troubles. At home quarrels between husbands and wives are triggered by lack of money due to poor budgeting or mishandling of money. When a person is an impulsive buyer , buying those things which are not needed makes a budget suffers.

Thriftiness & Savings promotes good quality of living personally and socially. You need not to bother anyone to ask favor to lend you money because you have enough to meet your family needs, in times of emergency situations , or having health problems.

Being a responsible person to self and family by having job, work, or means as source of income , to support family needs , is a good way of living. You need not to beg to others for help and support, realizing that people have their own families to support too.

Irresponsible people like the lazy ones, usually suffers lack of money. And they are the ones proned to commiting crimes just to have money in illegal ways. Gambling in different forms, Selling illegal drugs, scamming or swindling and many more to mention.

Money has power in itself. It can change a person's way of life, it's standard of living, attitudes and behaviour.

Power emanates in money because of the needs and its usefulness in the people's lives. A person is forced to obtain money irregardless of the ways and means because of the deep need of money.

Being covetous of money is one way that drives a person to do evil things. Some people sad to say , obtained money through illegal ways and means.

People who fears God, and wanted to live a good way of life resort working hard . They look for job according to where they fit in .Literate or illiterate, skilled or not skilled as long as it is decent and legal

Others lose their faith & fear of God, who eventually loses a good conscience. They become cruel, insensitive, or inhuman. Committing different crimes just to obtain much money . We could say that they also work hard on it, and even risks their lives , but it is done illegally and not by acceptable means in the society. They have their many reasons when caught by the authorities, but their reasons are not justifiable because of their illegal means of obtaining the money .

Money inspires, and motivates a person to work hard for family to supply the needs, and comforts & enjoyment in life. A bread winner , father, mother or any member of the family willingly sacrifice everything to earn money to meet the needs and wants of family. Many leaves home and country to find greener pastures in a foreign land that offers it.

Money provides pleasure, comfort and ease and so people covet in having it more. Having more money makes one richer , famous and powerful and could get anything this world offers.

Some to good , some to evil. There are those who became rich through hard work that becomes helpful to poor, because he understands it , having been to it. But sad to say there are those who are the opposite, who regarded the poor less humans and maltreat them.

There are those who became rich and wanted to get even.more richer no matter what ways it means they would use to accumulate more. Legal or illegal doesn't matter.

Money is not everything in life. Relationship to God and people is more important and what really matters in this world.

God is above everything. All things are subject to His sovereign power. It is in His own hands to bless and not to bless. Having friends and loved ones on our side as always is having a lot more than money good give. With good relationship with people around us is more happier and fulfilling than having more money.

It must be therefore realized that money as a blessing comes from God as the source, if it is gained, availed or obtained by good ways and means acceptable and allowed by rules and mandate of the government to be obeyed by its constituents.

Accdg. to the use of money , God blesses it if is used in godliness, in good works and service to mankind. God allows us to have money as blessings from Him to be a blessing to others. As a reward to us , God allows us to enjoy it being the fruits of our labours , for needs , ease and comforts as well.

Money should be use and not to be abused . We ought to be responsible in using God's blessings. God is able to give and to take it away from us by means God would allow it.

God can limit its power of how it is used. Sometimes it is used to add to life but sometimes not. Sometimes it is use to allow us to find enjoyment comfort and ease but sometimes not. Many more things God allows money to work out His purpose in our lives.

To win God's approval and blessings let us seek to please God in using the money He allows us to have in this life.

Money is for earthly life only but if it be used for God's glory in this earth , rewards awaits us in heaven .

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The era we're entering, maybe money can't buy happiness. Because the value of money decreasing..

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