An Amazing Answers to Prayer

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I would like to share to you my personal experienced in this long term situation of pandemic .

My experienced I am about to share was in connection to how God works according to His own way and not according to our requests or wishes in our prayers to Him.

I am a woman , who truly believed in prayer, ever since I came to know personally , Christ Jesus , as my Lord and Saviour, way back on my high school days. I believed to the Living God, and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Allow me share to you , one of the verses in the Bible that has something to do with prayer. It is found in the Old Testament in the book of Jeremiah, chapter 33 verse 3.

Bible Verse About Prayer

Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.

I have read this verse, many times in my life, and even memorized it, and have experienced its reality personally. And I will be sharing my latest experienced about it. And here it is.

My Prayer

Due to difficulties experienced I had this pandemic I uttered to God this prayer.

Lord , you know my very situation right now, how I need financial support just like any other. I pray that you will touch the hearts of my relatives. Make them remember me and show me kindness to help me financially. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.

I prayed to God to work it out for me for I don't want to pressure anyone to help, since everyone is experiencing difficulties in the pandemic situation. I need not burden anyone for me. I didn't try any means like communicating with them in social media though I have the access to everyone of them .

I let God to work it out for me, for I believe His ways are the best than the ways I might have think of. I just waited how God will work it out and I am excited to discover His ways.

My feeling of Discouragement

Days , weeks months passed but there was no answer . No one from relatives remembered me the previous holiday season to send any financial help.

One day , I received a video call from my sister-in-law from Canada. I learned from her that it was not me, whom she actually wanted to call but my younger sister who is in our province in Nueva Ecija, for she is the one who sent them message asking for financial support for our youngest sister, who is a PWD.

My conversation went on with my sister in law when she turned the phone to my younger brother. We talked and I jokingly said to him if I can have something as a gift this holiday season. And he said , they are having such difficulties financially because my sister-in-law had no work for quite sometime . So it's a no.

I am quite disappointed , but I did understand the situation. I know very much the attitude of this brother of ours.Eversince he lived in Canada, no one from our siblings did he actually helped whenever he is blessed financially. He is more willing to share it to his friends than us.

After my brother & I talked, the phone was turned to my sister-in law, and I told her I will contact my younger sister to communicate with them personally , which I did the very same day.

To make the long story short, they were able to personally talked to each other and finally decided on how to send the financial support to our youngest sister.

My feeling of Joy in Fulfillment

Come Jan. 7, 2022, I received a video call from younger sister. This is the day when she received the financial support to our youngest sister from our brother in Canada . And she told me , she and I were included to have our share on the money sent. It was indeed a blessing to me. Somehow the Lord has touched my brother's heart so he can willingly included me to have my share which he can afford to give.

So my younger brother, was the first one whom God used to help me financially. I believed God had moved him to willingly give. It was not actually his nature to give, for it was my first time to receive from him. I just don't know if my sister-in- law convince him or not. But I believed, decision when it comes to money matters in the family should be decided by both.

Amazing Answers to my Prayer

It was a surprise

Just this Jan. 18, 2022, Tuesday at 2pm in the afternoon , I heard a voice of a man calling my name. I went near the door to see who's calling me and I asked Him why. He told me he was from LBC and delivering a money sent by a person to me. He asked for my ID. I told him I was not expecting anything from someone for no one sent me a message. The LBC man said. "SURPRISE!" And he told me the name when I asked him.

The person who sent me the money, was not a relative . He was actually an old close friend , a churchmate, who was from a long period of time had no communication with me, for 2 decades now. I just learned that he was trying to locate me ever since he has known I am going through difficulties in life for he is willing to help. And it was only this Jan. 2022, that he finally found me in messenger. I was notified in fb of his friend request which I confirmed for I personally know him well. He is a Christian Baptist believer, churchmate and a closed friend. We had our first chat Jan. 14, 2022 at 8 am time in Phil. He lived in Los Angeles, California for 21 yrs. now, but his family was in the Philippines. He asked me my phone no. and my two valid ID's which I sent the screenshot of it asking why. He gave me other reason but not the reason of sending me money .

When I received the money he sent, I sent him a thank you and appreciation message at once. He acknowledge it with a cheerful sense in his messages to me. He said he just want to help and even asked me if that is okay with me. And I told him it's okey as long as he is happy in doing it. He reminded me to use it for my personal needs only, which I said I will.

With this kind of experience I don't give any reason of my own thinking, except it is God answering my prayer in an amazing way, not as I requested or expected but according to His amazing ways.

It was unexpected

Having a desire to have an income during the pandemic I grab the opportunity to go on online selling , being convinced by a high school friend of mine . I have no money at that time.

I thought of contacting a childhood elementary classmate and an fb friend too. He is also the one who find ways to look for me online . Successfully finding me on FB he sent me a friend request.

I accepted him as a friend, for I find it such a happy feeling to befriend a childhood elementary classmate , who for 5 decades have not seen and communicated. That was before pandemic 2018. That year our chat started. He is based in Los Angeles, working there with his wife. We first met after more than 50 yrs. Jan. 2019 for he came home for a vacation in our province, Nueva Ecija, our hometown, wherein his children lived also. It was during our reunion , Jan. 2019 that we met personally so with other childhood classmates. It was such an exciting , fun and memorable experienced for all of us .

Our Elementary Class Reunion was made possible by him, for he initiated it and was supported by our classmates Grace & Editha by contacting our childhood classmates for they gave been there for longer time than me. For I left our province when I was in Grade 5 and grew up in Caloocan City. I just wet back , with a family of my own and lived there for good .

After Jan 2019 reunion , this friend of mine went back to California but our communication via messenger continued to the present time 2022.

Since my communication with him still continues , on March 28, 2021 I thought to ask fo some financial help for my capital in my online business. I have to try and take my chance. Without hesitation, I chatted with him. Without any second thought he lend me money and send it at once.

I used the money for the online business but I was a failure. I don't know how to explain to him how I failed . I didn't contacted him eversince. Time passes so quickly , and I have to settle it but I could not, for I have not yet earned such amount to pay him. I have to gain courage to face him for I owe him my apology. Having them such courage, I message him when I opened my messenger and saw he was active. He didn't chatted with me at that time. He just left a message telling me that he will call me later, for he is on his way to work.

I didn't know exactly when he will be calling me . I received a video call the same day. I hesitated to answer the call for I was so ashamed of him. The phone was continually ringing. My son , who was beside me at that moment, convinced me to answer, so I did.

It was a video call. I saw a manly smiling face talking to me. I just don't know how I looked before him at that time. Or how he could sensed something about me like being uncomfortable talking to him. But our conversation runs smoothly. It took us long to talk. I am trying to talk about my agenda but he diverted it to other topic. He did all the talking so I just ride on.

Before we end up our talk, he finally mentioned about the money he lent to me. He said with a smiling face , without any unusual tone of anger or irritability or a sense of negative feelings, that I should not worry anymore about it. Accdg. to him let it be his holiday season gift to me. So what more can I say,except to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the bottom of my heart.

I told him how I felt so ashamed for not doing as I promised him. Instead of saying a word that would make me feel guilty he said a very comforting words like; " I UNDERSTAND YOU, IT'S OKAY, anytime you need help just say on.

Our conversation had to end, because the patient to whom he is attending to has awakened. So we bid goodbye, he still having a manly happy smile on his face, and me with a happy , light hearted feelings deep within. But of course with a smile too on my face.

What had happened was really unexpected. My childhood elementary friend responded the way I wished it could be. Once again I saw how God worked it out for me. God making me free from financial obligation to someone.

My Final Say:



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This is an amazing story. There are very few such true friends.

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