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Ponzi Scheme❗️

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5 months ago

Hello Guys! I just want to inform filipinos who are being fooled by scammers.

There are so many scam web applications that are being shared on facebook, and other social media platform apps not only in the Philippines but also on other countries. This includes Ponzi Scams and other easy money making scams.

Ponzi Scam

This is one of the most popular scams that I have noticed here in the Philippines. The way people get money in here is horrible. They invite people and get money from inviting them, while those who are invited get nothing in return. This is very saddening because those who invite their fellow Filipinos doesn’t even have much care about them despite knowing that you need to invite some people for you to have an income. This scam is like a pyramid wherein those people at the top are those who earn a lot of money by fooling people. They also use “words” that will attract people into making them join their platform. Avoid this kind of scam and inform all your fellow Filipinos not to join any platform like this. This includes forsage and other platform similar to this, they say that you get money from “spills” but in reality you don’t get any money if you just join.

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