Ways To Hinder Your Man From Having Side Chicks

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4 years ago

ways to hinder your man from having another lady as side chick.

The issue of side chick is now something that is breaking a lot of relationsship and homes in the world today.

Many women complain of their husbands cheating on them with a side chick, and this as become so worrisome for me, so out of the love I have for ladies, I am writing this to show you ways at which you can stop your husband from cheating on you.

1) Remain romantic: A lot of men complained that many ladies once they are in a serious relationship or married, they do not remain romantic again, which pisses men up but they do not know how to tell their woman. So ladies remain romantic.

2) Solution provider: Men most times have challenges at work or in business, once you as a lady can always be there to provide Ideas and solutions to him on what you think he should do, he becomes more addicted to know and won't consider a side chick.

3) Communication: You want to keep your man to you alone, please communicate with your man regularly, call him at work, drop texts for him, this will make him always look forward to seeing you.

4) Love making: Spike you your love life by practicing different kind of style with your hobby, these are some of the things side chick do to take your man away from you, learn that act and become an expert.

5) Food: A way to a man's heart is still his stomach, please learn to please him with meals, give him meals to work, this is not give him time to go eating and any restaurant and doing what is not suppose too.

6) Be prayerful.

These are my top points, do you have another vital points, drop in the comment section below.

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