Understanding Dinning Etiquette

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3 years ago

I know not everyone knows about eating habits especially in public... even I myself am part of the some... Funny right? That's why am writing this article to help everyone.

I could remember the very first time I went on a date... It's a date for myself.... I specially went on my 20th birthday. I dressed so well putting on my best attire... It wasn't easy for me though because I am a shy type... So the first thing am w to say is bew bold admiat people... Keep your shyness at home. Dress well too.

Let us take it from the start ...

Dinning Etiquette sometimes known as table manners are the rules used while eating, which may also include the use of utensils. Having good dinning Etiquette helps to establish your credibility and reputation. It also helps to make you an accepted member of the business group. And if you think about it, it helps build your self confidence. It's another skill to add to your professional repertoire according to Wikipedia.

Dinning etiquette ( which can be practiced at the comfort of our home, outside home when on date with friends or babe, when been hosted to a party etc. Dinning etiquette on date will be the focused on, which can be replicated at home and at hosted party... Although there are some rules that guides hosted party.

Different ways of using cutleries

A. Continental style

B. American style

I have once told us on one of my short post sometimes ago that It is best we stick to the continental style because it is more acceptable, especially on this part of the world.

Basically our focus in this article is on the use of cutleries, napkin etc. Outside your home( when on date with friends), hosted party, social events and at the comfort of your home.

We are adopting the continental style which is more acceptable. Note this is applicable to a party or place the table is set for such occasion, in some instances it can be on request depending on the environment, but you just have to be prepared because opportunity will surely come your way that will require such knowledge.

1) Upon your Entrance to the party, restaurant etc.

Keep your personal items away; your phone should be in your purse or bag, except in some instances you're expecting an urgent call, you can leave it on vibration and face it down on the table.

Place your bag on an empty seat if any or hang it behind your seat or put it on the floor.

2) Order your food or wait for your order to be taken. Unfold your napkin and place it on your lap, Upon the arrival of the food.

3) The use of cutleries

Note: your fork is always on the left and knife on the right side of the table and that is how is going to be used.

Knife - Right

Fork - Left.

4) After the meal

Position your silverware to tell the server you're done. Fold your used napkin and place it to the left side of your place setting.

Tips Guiding Dinning Etiquette

1) Chew with your mouth closed. If you are the type that chew with your mouth opened ( don't condemn yourself), just make a commitment to change, be conscious of it while eating.

2) sit up straight ( don't slouch)

3) Keep your elbow off the table

4) Bring your fork or spoon to your mouth instead of hanching.

5) Dab don't wipe with the napkin

6) When leaving the table temporarily, place the napkin on the chair and just excuse yourself, you don't have to necessarily tell your host, friends.... your are going to the rest room, " excuse me" is okay

7) Don't, never use your cutleries to gesticulate.

8) Don't talk while you have food in your mouth, it isn't a pleasant sight. Preferable take your food in bit

9) Do your cutting one bite at a time. Don't push your plate away from you when finished eating and hold your cutleries like a pencil.

For Your Hosted Party.

Follow the host lead, wait until all guests are served and the host begin eating before you begin. In case you are in doubt of what to do, stylishly with the good side eye God gave you watch what others are doing.

Hosted party can be in form of a get together, it is different from normal social event becos it only has few no of people present.


Hosted birthday party of 10 people

Hosted bridal shower of 6 people etc.

I hope you have gain something special in this article.... Kindly like and comments....

Thanks for reading

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3 years ago


Where exactly is the difference between continental and American shown? Where are the spoons and the example given if more than one course is served, 4 for example. Better not put a bag on the floor!

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3 years ago

I prefer the continental style.... Thanks for giving us this tips.... It's initiative.... I have never been on a date before.... But your article has opened my eyes to some few manners

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3 years ago