Looking At The Positive Side Of Conflict

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3 years ago

Conflict can bring about change, improve situations and offer new solutions. It depends on the type of conflict though. Sometimes it forces the truth that's hidden.

Conflict as a positive opportunity for learning, connection and insight. Conflict can also be an opportunity for learning. It is also an inevitable part of life, It's of much benefit when we welcome it as an opening into a new understanding of a situation.

What do i mean by conflict as a positive opportunity for learning?Most time conflict bring peace,when it doesn't involve any casualties,it gives room to change,to learn from your mistakes,it brings lesson for both partners.

From another angle, conflict except in the place of prayer. Nothing good can ever come out of it. For example in a group of people,in a family,among friend. I'd love to take this to the business sector

The type of conflict we grew up to know about usually does not have good landing. It breaks homes, people, livelihood, culture and so on. So only prayers can help and some situations might need more than prayers at times. Knowledge is required.

Most time when conflict involved,they will say let us scattered it and rearrange it. Without peace, knowledge will be fustrated. There is a saying that we disagree to agree.

Conflicts allow you to see how your employees react to problems and help you spot personality traits. You might be able to identify which of your employees are bullies, complainers, leaders, problem solvers, mediators or quitters. This helps you identify potential candidates for promotion or employees who need to be terminated.

I believe if you are in a relationship and you never had conflict at all in any time, then you are deceiving yourself. Maybe we should ask ourselves what's conflict?

Sometimes, keeping quiet is not the best action for us to understand each other,there must surely be a little conflict which leads to a better understanding of people's do's and don't. But all the same we should learn to manage conflict in ways that do not assign blame or pity to avoid further issues against each other. That's why I said knowledge is required.

True relationship is tested by your ability to have conflict and still be able to manage it. A clash or disagreement, often violent, between two opposing groups or individuals. That you keep quiet is not deception.

I can diagree with you over something but we might not get into a fight over it. Any disagreement is conflict. We often think conflict is fight ...NO. Fight is the extreme form of conflict.

Conflict simply means a clash of interests. It means to have different opinions. For instance,Jane wants to eat indomie and Janet want to eat fried rice even though they have few resources at hand. They will definitely disagree to agree.

Conflict is disagreement. We you disagree then there is conflict. It now depends on what you are clashing on. Most times and every time, we do have conflict in our daily endeavor and relationship with people because we can't always want the same thing.

In business, the boss want the employee to do something but the employee might want something else so it becomes a conflict. Healthy Conflict is good for any relationship. Conflict is clash of interest.

Now when conflict now incessant and continuous then it becomes a problem. When you are in constant disagreement or clash then you can't manage the relationship be it business, family, work etc

If you are in a place, and everyone has never had clash before,run from there. The moment you had a clash and you are able to resolve it. That's clash of interest/ disagreement conflict.

Fight is a form of conflict which involves violence. The two persons that fought had the fight because of an issue they could not resolve. So most times, something good do come out of conflict. Before there could social change, there will be conflict. Husband and wives do have clash of interest.

What if we have two good friends that don't fight nor disagree does that means they're deceiving each other? Hmmm.... I won't say they are deceiving themselves but like I said conflict occurring is not necessarily when you exchange blow, argument alone. I can say with certainty that no one can ever stay together and won't disagree on something at one point in life.

Okay check this, Jesus want the disciple to watch with him just for one hour but the disciple choose to sleep. Check this God said don't eat the fruit of the tree in the midst of garden but Adam and Eve choose to do otherwise. If you are in constant conflict with someone then you are not compatible. At times you disagree then with explanation and right communication you agree.

Healthy conflict is good but unhealthy one scatter things. Healthy conflict requires openness and an ability to entertain others' ideas. Healthy conflict brings growth to relationships . It makes you understand the other person more and set boundaries.

Thanks for reading...

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3 years ago


I too believe that for a genuine relationship, there has to be disagreement at some point. It's not possible that you all have the same interests and agree on everything. Conflict, if handled properly can boost the strength of a relationship.

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3 years ago

Exactly dear friend. Healthy Conflict strengthened relationship.. we are all born to be different, we all have different perspectives. We should disagree to agree. Thanks dear for your contribution

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3 years ago