Learning About Genotype, Blood Group, Rhesus Factor And Blood Transfusion.

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As i sat down thinking on what to write today, something came to my mind and I decided to educate my friends here on a popular thing that most people are so ignorant of which is Genotype, genotype compatibility, Blood group, blood group compatibility, Rhesus factor, and Rhesus factor compatibility.

Have seen a lot of couples who couldn't last longer due to poor teaching on this. Alot of children have died due to their parents fault. The parents refused to look at the future of their children and allow love to blindfold them.

It sounds long, but I promise to try not to include medical jargons.

Let's start with Genotype.

In a simple and straight forward answer, genotype means the type of genes inherited from both parents at birth. Okay? The types of Genotype we have are:


The ones that have C in them are not common, especially the CC, I personally have seen other types of genotype, but not CC.

Now let's move to Genotype compatibility.

In a simple explanation, kindly read patiently.

Now, there are people with some certain types of genotypes that are strongly advised medically to not meet sexually, which means, by extension, they are advised to not get married because of the excessive and unpalatable medical conditions attached to the offsprings of such people

The place of love. See ehn my friends, I like to be realistic. Out of 10 families, only about 8 and half that I have seen have been able to stay true to their love after the genotype incompatibility problem.

Please, please and please, I am begging us, let us not say we married out of ignorance. The issue is not that they don't love each other but the trouble it brings once the children are born, it's not funny.

Now, does it mean that every one that defies the law faces the consequences, No!, but about 75% do. Now, how do you know if you are part of 25% or 75%.

I hope we get now.

Blood group

Blood group means the type of blood you have, as inherited from your parents. Just like hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, and all those things are inherited, our blood group can also be inherited from our parents. The types of Blood group we have are;

Blood groups A, Blood group B, Blood group AB, and Blood group O.

Rhesus factor

This is like a subtype of the blood group

Here is what I mean. Each one has either a positive or negative type. Which is why you see the lab scientist give you your blood group result and it says A +, or A-.

Rhesus Positive can accept negative, but, Rhesus negative cannot accept positive

Rhesus Compatibility

Now this is in 2 places;

1) Marriage

2) Blood transfusion

I am going to be shedding light on this in 2 aspects. In Marriage, anyone with any blood group can marry each other, the clause then comes in with Rhesus factor at childbirth.

Rhesus will be shortened as Rh.

(Rh positive man)+(Rh positive woman) ✅

(Rh negative man+Rh negative woman) ✅

(Rh positive man +Rh negative woman)✅✳️

(Rh negative man + Rh positive woman)✅✳️

Now, those with ✅✳️ have a clause, and those with ✅ are good to go

Those with ✅✳️ have to take a particular injection within on or before 72 hours after expulsion of first conception. What I mean is whether the woman aborted, or miscarried the pregnancy, or it was a still birth or a child that is alive and well, she still has to take the injection within 72 hours any of the above in as much as it is the first time she is ever getting pregnant

If she doesn't, then she either miscarried the next child or doesn't give birth to the child alive. This is because her body already marked the baby as a stranger, and will always fight against the baby or fetus as the case maybe until her body system kills the baby.

Now, going on to Blood transfusion

The blood to be tranfused with depend on your own blood type and your rhesus factor.

E.g, if you are blood group A and your rhesus factor is positive, you can collect blood from blood group A with rhesus factor either positive or negative. This is because the rhesus factor is positive.

If you are blood group A and your rhesus factor is negative, you can collect blood from blood group A but with the rhesus factor of negative.

Let's take a look at blood group O which is termed Universal Donor. Anybody that is O- can give everyone blood. But O+ can tranfused blood to only people with positive rhesus factor.

Always check blood group compatibility and rhesus factor before blood transfusion so that our blood will not fight against the blood we collected. Also check genotype before marriage.

Thanks for reading. I hope this article is very educative and informative, kindly like and drop your comments in the comments section.

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Woah so informative....I learnt so much from your article.i now know about transfusion,and rhesus factor...even though am not a medical student, but your article gave me hint... thanks

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3 years ago

Am happy to hear that dear.... thanks for the gift

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