Gender Is Not An Handicap (Invest And Plan For The Future)

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3 years ago

There are different aspects in ones life. I mean important areas. And one of it is our financial area (our Finance).

Have you ever sit yourself down and ponder over the following questions 🤔. Do you have a dream at all? If Yes, are you working towards the dream? How well are you saving for your Dreams? If you are not even sure of the above questions.

Where is our money really going to as ladies? Few of us has no asset or solid thing to show off asides our shoes, bags, make up box. Is the data for business or just checking other people' progress on social media and supporting them to grow with your data?

Oh my must start now🙏

The best time is now

The best time to Dream

The best time to Save

The best time to invest

The best time to make it happen is Now. Gender is not an handicap

Don't live your life as it comes.. you have a focus. What do you want in life? If you are in your twenty or thirties and you do not want to be broke at the age of sixty,hmmm then, you have to do something now. The time is now and not tomorrow.

You have to make your choices now. If you don't want to suffer in the future, then you have to start making your future straightened from now. Take it or leave it, your money habit today determines your financial future.

I was thinking recently that what do I have as an asset? Money flows away from those who do not know how to treat it well to those who know how to treat it well.

Make up your mind to change your attitude towards money today so it can flow towards you, for tomorrow might be late.

What are you spending your money on? ☹️ Bags and clothes?? Parties and clubs?? Doing big boys and girls on social media?

Have you forgotten you are not free until you are Economically free. Someone once told me that when you are always saying you are looking for money,it runs away from you but when you have the mindset that you have money and knows how to handle then it will stay. The time is now.

Steps to be Economically free

1) Where there's no vision the people perish. If you keep doing the same thing while expecting different results, you are simply going around in circle. Moving up and down without tangible mission.

2) Until you discover yourself.

That's why I asked you earlier, Do you have a dream at all? The first law of success states that " First within, then without"

Do you understand the law...think about it. More than bags and shoes, think on something that can help you to be secured financially in the future. How you can be financially stable and independent✌️✌️

What do you want in and out of life?... What insight have you gotten? What kind of life do you picture for yourself daily?

You must first discover what you really want. Listen and listen good! You are different from others... Think on what you want and pursue it now.

3) Save:

Pay now and play later, or play now and pay later. Whichever one you choose, you will still need to pay sometime. But the best time to pay is now

It's either you experience the pain of discipline today or the pain of regret tomorrow.

Parkinson's Law states that expenses will always rise to meet income. You must fight this law

You must not be in all parties to save cost... You must not buy all the trending designer wear to keep to the goal. To be financially successful you must learn to spend less than you earn.

You must control your appetite... Hear me, they're some stuffs you don't need now. They are some things that will soon be updated.

You must learn to save for tomorrow and the best time to start is *Now*. Those material things you are runny after, are some stuffs that will soon be outdated.

The best time to pay is now. But the question now is.

How do you save?

When you don't even have an income???🤔🤔

Let me focus on ladies for a moment, We ladies are not wealth driven, we are fashion driven... When 10 ladies collect their salaries hardly will you see 5 out of them who will think on how to invest first, you will hear some of them say my man will take care of it. Learn to start saving now.


I know some are laughing now🤣🤣 trader? Me? God forbid🤣🤣

My sweet time to get a life...I tell you. Listen, a trader is an Entrepreneur

What does it mean to trade?

Trading is simply offering something at a price that will earn you a profit. So the question is here is;

what are you selling?

What do you have to offer?

There must be a product or a service that you are offering from which hope to get some returns...

Let me give you the hint that makes me keep going in life. Money growth work in three ways

Make it

Manage it

Multiply it

5) Multiply Your money

Be an investor. Don't just save your money in the bank for nothing o... Develop the ability to multiply your money. Invest and reinvest.

With most people, when money gets into their hands, it reduces in quality. But with some others, it multiplies when it reaches their hands.

This article might be too hard for some people but if taken, trust me the end is just like bitterleaf which always taste sweet at the end taste.

To start with ,investment is a placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit its use. Not save and invest but invest wisely. Before you can invest, you must must have much knowledge of the the business you wants to venture into or know someone who can mentor you in that field.

What are the areas where you can invest ;stocks market ,landed properties and other people's business.

You can buy a share with just 5000 naira in any company that you see they can fold up like caberry ,( manufacturer of bournvita ,Milo etc)

And invest in something that interest you. That's where some people make the mistake. Do a business that you love

Investing in other peoples business will hasting ur financial freedom, as you don't have to solely on one stream of income to succeed.

Another form of investment is investing in information .as an entrepreneur u will make a mistakes and wrong assumptions. Things will not always work 100% for you and ur business. Other experienced entrepreneurs have already package the solutions you are looking for into a book. Read business books.

My Tips For Financial Success

1) Gain control over your emotions.

2) Deal with the spirit of Greed.

3) Avoid Waste.

4) Cultivate Excellence.

5) Be A problem solver.

6) You are not free until you are Economically free.

I hope this article is informative. Read, digest and meditate on it.

Thanks for reading.


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3 years ago


Exactly dear.... Gender shouldn't determine achievement in life. A woman should work and a man should work. Both of them should work in other to enhance great gooal.... Thanks

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3 years ago

You are right dear... We are all help mate. Both should work .. ladies shouldn't be a full house wife....they should be allowed to work. Thanks.... I just our ladies are seeing this article... thanks

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3 years ago

Women usually are materialistics, love to have those trendy things which they believe enhance their personality and to be in the society. Prioritizing things that could not be invested in the future, thus, wasting their money. It is the nature of woman to look at their best, they are not into trading for mostly women are dependent to men when it comes to finances and trading. But there are exceptions. I have a friend whose the one running the business turning it into an empire. She is an example of your tips on trading and financial success.

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3 years ago

You are correct dear. I must say 90% of women out there depend on their men to keep standing in terms of finances. The 10% left with been boss of their own. Ladies should work at least to help themselves and their man..

Or what do you think 🤔man shouldn't be the only one working and taking care of the experience

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3 years ago

Today's high cost of living, the demand of costly technology which is necessary in our day to day activity, women must help our men when it comes to finances. Women must be productive in order to cope up the demands of this modern and fast pace of life. If not, one day we will realize that our men will be bald and aging.

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3 years ago

Exactly dear. Working full time gives you a bigger sense of purpose and personal fulfillment. Having a life of your own and enjoying it on your own terms is very important for every individual. Working women have a life beyond their family and kids, which gives them a sense of self-accomplishment and fulfillment.

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3 years ago

Offcourse gender not keep self as huge thing gender is just your personification think about your future and make it colourful by your well manners and patience with others .

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3 years ago

Exactly being a female shouldn't affect us many people indulge in being a woman so the leave the responsibility to the man alone.

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3 years ago