Flush Out Bad Blood and Glow Your Skin With This Drink

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3 years ago

I'm here again and today I bring you a good guide on how you can clean your blood and also glow your skin while doing so.

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In today's article, I will be sharing with you a simple method you can use to make a drink that will be beneficial to your health.

Before I proceed, let me first explain what beetroot fruit is because I really had a weird experience with my fans, the last time I forgot to explain what Curd is in one of my articles.

Beetroot or Red Beet is a root vegetable that is packed with good and essential nutrients, Beetroots are also a great source of fiber, Folate ( Vitamin B9), Iron, Vitamin C, and more essential nutrients. Red Beets has the ability to chase toxins away from your body, there are many benefits beetroot can offer you. Every fruit used here is alkaline-based which is very good at fighting diseases.

So now, let's begin:


2 Beetroot Fruits

1 Large Cucumber

2 Green Apple


Wash your apples very well and cut it.

Cut it into smaller pieces and rewash it again, after washing it, put it in a bowl and keep aside.

Wash your cucumber, and slice it.

Cut it into smaller sizes.

After cutting it, put in a clean bowl, wash it again, and keep aside.

Wash your beetroot, peel off the top, and the base side.

Cut it into smaller pieces, rewash it again and keep aside.

Beetroot usually comes with the green leaves, so if your own comes with the leaf, wash and slice it. If it doesn't come with the leaf, then you can skip it, no need to worry.

After slicing it, wash it again. The constant washing is to make sure that there is no single dirt after making your juice drink.

Bring your blender, pour in the beetroot first, then your apple .

Add your cucumber .

Pour in clean water . Like 75cl of water.

You will notice that the level of the water is in half of the blender.

Blend until it is really smooth.

After blending, pour it into a sieve.

Use a spoon to press out the juice. Your juice is ready to be enjoyed. 😋 😋

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3 years ago


Beetroot is very healthy and I prepare beetroot juice. I also like your recipe.

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3 years ago

I love fruit. This food is very interesting to eat. It is the most important food recipe. Thanks for sharing this information.

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3 years ago

fruits is my favourite. and fruit juice also is my favourite. I like it very much. I always eating fruit juice.

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3 years ago