Any Lady Can Suffer From Candidiasis. (Find Help Here).

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In this article, we would be talking about an important topic tagged Candidiasis. I know most of us would have heard little about this before, maybe from a friend, sister, neighbour etc

What is Candidiasis?


This is otherwise called thrush. It is fungal infection typically on the skin or mucous membrane. Candidiasis affecting the vagina is called vaginal yeast infection

Research shows that 3 out of 4 females experience vaginal yeast infection at some points in their lifetime. Ladies, you would bear with me that at one point or the other, you have felt discomfort, okoti junction in your p region and some would have had this infection at one point or the other that does not mean that any discomfort means you have this.

Candidiasis is a natural occuring microorganism in the vaginal area. Lactobacillus bacteria keeps it's growth in check.

Does it mean my vagina has lactobacillus ?

  • YES

When are we vulnerable to candidiasis?

We become vulnerable when there is imbalance in the system such that the lactobacillus won't work effectively leading to overgrowth of the candida(yeast) thereby causing infection..

Predisposing Factors Of Candidiasis

1. Antibiotics abuse

2.Washing the vagina with perfumed or medicated soap

3. Weak immune system

4. Poor eating habits(excess sugar and carbohydrates intake)

5. Hormonal imbalance near menstrual cycle

6. Stress

7. Inadequate sleep

8. Uncontrolled diabetes

9. Pregnancy

Ladies let's check ourselves at this point. If we are to ask now, some still use medicated soap to wash their vagina.Others use perfumed soap. Are these soap bad in itself, no! But for vagina use, NO

Our vagina needs to be washed thoroughly with plenty of water and cleaned dry not with mediacted soap.

Symptoms Of Candidiasis

1. Redness of vagina

2.Swelling of vagina and vulva

3.Vagina itching

4. Soreness

5. Rash

6. Burning during urination or sex

7. Pain during sex

8. Whitish gray and clumpy vagina discharge which may also be watery..

Severity of symptoms increases when left untreated. Some experience minor symtoms..

Are you experiencing any of the above👆🏽, it could be a sign you need to visit the clinic for proper examination..

Fine girl with smelling vagina could make a mess of your fineness. Dear amazing ladies, It is not anything shameful. Anybody could be a victim at any point..

It only calls for urgent attention if need be. There is hope for Candidiasis patient when treated.

How To Treat Candidiasis patient

1) Visit the hospital

You would be referred for test. After which the severity would determine the mediaction to be administered.

The vagina has its own smell as it is so how do you know the smell as a result of Candidiasis???

There are creams and tablets that may be administered. Let me not go into that please to avoid self medication.

2) Eat well balanced diet as much as we can.

3) At intervals, wash underwears with hot water.

4) Avoid very tight pants, leggings or pantyhose

5) Take yoghurt or dietary supplements.

6) Avoid scented pads

7) Avoid douching

8) Wear natural fibre underwear.

9) Avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics

10) Avoid use of fragrance and medicated soap in washing the vagina.

Health is wealth

I choose to stay healthy

Recall that when we started, we said that lactobacillus is a healthy bacteria present in the vagina so the vagina has its own smell which is not foul.

In case of Candidiasis, the smell is foul and comes with redness, itching

Also note that the discharge is grey white..heavy discharge.

Thanks for reading...

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