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Why Zinc is essential​ for good health

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5 months ago

We are all aware that zinc, a trace mineral is essential to human health. So why is zinc so important for our health?

Zinc is a potential antioxidant, which protects our cell from free radical damage. Besides its antioxidant function, zinc is necessary to support a healthy immune response, for the production of essential hormones​, synthesis of protein and DNA synthesis. It also plays an important role in activity of over 300 enzymes in the body. It also helps men over forty to maintain a healthy​ prostate.

Medical experts recommend periodic blood testing is to determine whether intake of the mineral is adequate, because zinc is found to be insufficient in many individuals, as per study reports.

Moreover​, blood test can also reveal excessive levels of another trace mineral, copper - these can be normalized by taking zinc supplementation. However, excessive consumption of zinc for an extended period if time can result in an increased need for copper.

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We need to eat more zinc It would be good to tell you which foods you can get zinc by eating more Thanks for your article

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5 months ago