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Why Steam Inhalation is Good for Covid Prevention

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5 months ago

As you are aware that the trachea (windpipe that connects the throat to the lungs) and esophagus (food pipe that connects the throat to the stomach) are two different things altogether.

If you drink hot water, it's a good way to protect your throat and esophagus, but what about protecting the respiratory tract?

You must not forget that paranasal sinus has a bone behind the nose, and a cavity behind it, in which the germs that cause infection pass.

There is a kind of locking mechanism so outside germs go and get stuck there mainly. But from there they can reach the lungs in four days. Initially, the germs do not bother you to breathe, but after four days they reach the lungs. And then it becomes difficult to breathe. If you want to kill those germs in the paranasal sinuses, it is very important to take steam. The hot water we drink cannot get there.

A vapour of about 40°C/ 60°C usually cripples the virus, and your immune system can kill it. However, 70 degree centigrade vapour can kill the virus completely. That is the reason it is recommended to take steam daily.

Moreover, since the infection travels directly from the respiratory tract to the lungs, taking steam is always beneficial as a preventive measure.

So, how do you take it now? If you are at home, you can steam once a day.

If you go out shopping to buy vegetables or anything, steam twice.

If you meet and interact with people in the office, take it three times.

If one is in direct contact with a covid patient, steaming every two hours is essential. Adding drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil may make it more effective.

So, in a nutshell, to protect yourself from Coronavirus, following preventive measures will surely be of great help:

  • Drinking hot water

  • Taking regular steam Inhalation

  • Eating immune boosting foods

  • Wearing mask

  • Maintaining social distancing

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Written by   7
5 months ago
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