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When I was amazed by a stranger on a street!

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5 months ago

This a real life incident that occurred to me, some 10 years ago. I am resident of Vasco da Gama, Goa, in India and had been to Mumbai for some work. After completing my work I was heading towards Dhobi Talao in Mumbai to catch a bus to Goa.

I as reached Dhobi Talao, a stranger whom I have never seen, met or known before, said hello to me and asked if I was going to Vasco da Gama, that too in Konkani language, which is the local language of Goa, whereas the local language of Mumbai is Marathi.

I wondered, it was possible for him to guess that I was a Goan since I was heading towards Goa bound buses, but how exactly did he know that I resided in Vasco da Gama?

After a couple of days, at my home town, when I was having a drink at a popular bar and restaurant, I saw a elderly Caucasian gentleman enter the restaurant. He had a carry bag with him and I could clearly read "Munchen, Germany" on the carry bag. So I wished the gentleman and asked if he was from Munich, Germany - he too was stunned. He asked me how I guessed that he was from Germany and that too from Munich, since he said that it was certainly not written anywhere on his face. That is the time I realised how that stranger must have correctly guessed about my place of residence, on the streets of Mumbai......I was carrying a carry bag, which had said Rajani General Stores, Vasco da Gama, Goa!!!

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