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Hibiscus - Flower that gives us good health!

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5 months ago

What do you think when I mention the name of hibiscus to you? Naturally, a bright red coloured flower. The hibiscus plant is mainly known and grown as a ornamental plant in tropics and sub-tropic region. But the colour of hibiscus flower need not necessarily be red, even though red is the most common colour. The flowers, as you know, are large, trumpet-shaped, having five petals and their colors can be red, white, besides pink, orange, yellow or purple.

Besides its use as a ornamental plant, hibiscus flowers have many health advantages which many of us are unaware of. These health benefits include:

  • It may help lower blood pressure

  • It may help lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides in our blood

  • It may help in boosting the health of our liver

  • It may help in preventing weight loss

  • It may help in cancer prevention

  • It can help in fighting bacterial infection

  • It is loaded with antioxidants

The best way to get these health benefits is two have two cup of hibiscus flower tea everyday.

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Written by   7
5 months ago
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