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Does Coronanxiety really exists?

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5 months ago

Coronavirus pandemic also known as Covid-19 has caused unprecedented devastation all over the globe, with even top economies of the world not being spared. Besides, innumerable deaths, GDP of all the nations has suffered very badly. Loss of jobs and businesses have hit those hardest, who have been living hand-to-mouth existence such as daily wage earners and small time businessman. Job losses, pay-cuts and delays in salaries have been common features across every industry.

This has also deeply affected the psyche of common citizens - what is now been termed as coronanxiety. The symptoms of coronanxiety includes, anxiety, insomnia, disturbance in sleep pattern, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

According to the the survey conducted on a web-based platform between April and May, by the department of mental health and behavioural sciences in India, 50% of those who participated in the survey showed symptoms associated with coronanxiety. Moreover, other studies have also shown that 25% of Indians are so much stressed as a direct result of covid-19 pandemic, that they actually require medical intervention.

And it is not just India, mind you, several recent studies and surveys have shown that Covid-19 has severely impacted mental health of millions across the globe .

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