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A Get-Paid-to-Engage Platform : UPTRENND

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If you are looking for a platform where you can get paid to engage or participate, the Uptrennd is one such platform where you can earn a decent bit. It pays in tokens known as 1up, which can then be converted to US Dollars.

Earning here is quite simple. You get 1 point for logging in on the first day, and it increases by an amount of one on every subsequent day, till you reach a maximum of 10 points. But if you skip logging even for one day, the points counter gets reset to zero.

Then, there is a daily mission to complete - it is quite simple, visit 10 different pages and stay on each page for 30 seconds. You get 1 point for completing the mission on day 1, 2 points on day 2, and so on.....until you reach a maximum of 10. Again if miss one day, the points counter is reset to zero.

The third way to earn is to submit an a post, which could be an article, picture or a video. Here, the biggest advantage is that you get points for every upvote that you receive.

You also get 50 points for every verified referral, but you need to be on Level 5 or upwards. To move up the levels, you need to exchange the points that you have earned.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Uptrennd by

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