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Hello, dear friend of Read Cash!

Among the traditions of Holy Week in my country Venezuela is cuajao. This is a delicious dish, the preparation of which is similar to lasagna, except that it uses potatoes, fried plantains, salted fish, eggs and other ingredients.

It's my favorite, I love when there are variations. My mom usually makes it with other fish for a change. My favorite was the fresh sardine one.

But, unfortunately, in some parts of the east of the country it is made with morrocoy. It is a land turtle, with which the fish is supplanted. I've never tried it, but I feel a little sad, since some of my pets are turtles.

I have 7 turtles at home, just as my mother says, “the key to the house is that number”. They walk around the yard, they make an impression, and I love watching them.

They are not exactly a very affectionate company, but they have a particular charm, their eyes, the peace with which they eat leaves, their way of drinking water, and their habits, make me feel in an unknown place.

I've seen them at home since I was a child. And it seems like a tradition in my country to have turtles at home. In a way, you grow up with the culture of having a type of reptile as a pet.

That is where the dilemma arises, to eat, or not to?

Personally, I do not consider it necessary to use this type of meat for consumption, when there is a variety available on the market.

In addition, the morrocoy in the Venezuelan national territory is a prohibited species.

Which means that it is a legally protected species, it cannot be hunted, traded, or its meat consumed.

Who says so?

There is a current problem in society, and that is that many people do not know the legislation of their country. However, they are not exempt from receiving a penalty for ignorance, established in article 61 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Which means that if you sell, consume, or hunt turtles, you will receive the established penalty, such as a fine, and even prison.

You can find this information in the Wildlife Protection Law, in its articles 49, 50, 94 and 96.

Which tells us that this practice is currently a criminal act.

What do I do with the morrocoy?

If you don't like animals, it is best to give them up for adoption to responsible people, or go to the authorities to hand them over, such as the Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism. But, first you must contact them through their social networks or website, in order to obtain all the information you need.

Please be patient, it is better to provide them with adequate space than for these animals to be victims of hunting.

And in case you feel infinite love for them, you can do like my family and I, giving them a quiet life, in a space where they can reproduce, be free, eat, and be happy.

Because having a turtle at home is being very lucky. While being 7 will not only have the key to your house, but also good luck and positive energy, according to Chinese beliefs, which I totally agree with.

And you? Do you have turtles in your home?

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