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6 Tips to manage your work time as a Freelancer!

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1 month ago

A Freelancer is a person who works from the comfort of their home performing with their skills to earn money. And today I give you strategies to optimize your time! :D

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Working from home is a job that allows you to enjoy life, as well as own it, and also give real value to your work.

But what happens when we don't manage our time well and end up drowning in work?

There are three fundamental factors that must be controlled in order to successfully carry out our projects: the physical well-being of the person, the flow of work and delivery times.

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And how do I manage all this? You may ask yourself, it's very easy! Follow these tips:

1. Location.

 Some people will say that the work place is the least important thing, but... You're wrong! You must choose an appropriate, comfortable, well-lit, quiet and cool place. That allows active creation and at the same time transmits the tranquility you need for it.

I work in my room, with the light on, I lock myself up to write, and best of all: Nobody distracts me. Of course, there are times when the ideas don't flow, maybe because it's a closed place, so I have to move my creative place somewhere else, like the patio of my house, a square, or even the university. In the latter cases, I carry a notebook and a pencil, in case I want to write, or design a sketch.

2. Plan.

Planning requires observing, prioritizing and ordering, as well as making decisions according to the type of work and the time it will take to carry it out. We must know the factors I have just mentioned, otherwise we will not know how long it will take us to do something. Therefore, it is good to do jobs in which we have experience, or, to develop that experience. Not only will it be easier, but we will also be able to quantify our time. 

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3. Create your schedules.

This point is related to the previous one, I insist a lot on this, because it is really important. Working from home is not synonymous of excesses, you must plan your day in a favorable way.

You can make your schedules manually, or in Microsoft Excel. Or, applications such as Google Calendar, Business Calendar and DigiCal Calendar.

4. Rest!

Although sometimes we think we are Superman, and that we can handle everything, we must remember that a hero must be healthy to be productive. Sleep the eight hours you need; if you work from the pc, rest your eyes, at least 15 minutes every hour; take a nap to recover energy; and why not, go for a walk and clear your mind.

Rest allows us to give the best of ourselves, ideas arise spontaneously, helps us make decisions, activates our creative side and we can work in a relaxed way.

5. Goodbye distractions.

Picking up the phone, accessing social networks, watching TV while working... It is a mistake, personally it makes me lose the thread of what I am doing, and therefore I do not recommend it. 

In a world as technological as ours, getting distracted is an easy task, and also something that can have a negative impact, slowing us down or making mistakes in our work. So... zero distractions! when it comes to work.

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6. Take care of your health.

Eat at your own time, after all you work from home, and that is one of its great benefits, the time it gives us to do other activities.

Do some exercise, a sedentary lifestyle will only cause health problems. So some stretching, jogging, or even walking, will be very good. You can also create an exercise routine, on the Internet there are plenty of them, just take one and adapt it to you.

Enjoy your life, socialize. Human beings depend on interaction with others, I do not mean popularity or anything like that, but that human contact, and that unique warmth that gives you being with the people you love. Going out, chatting, having a coffee or tea, dancing, or whatever it is that you like. It's all important for your health, both physically and mentally.

Even if we love our work or the remuneration that comes from it, we must have limits and take care of ourselves, because what good is so much money and success, if we are not healthy?

These are 6 tips that I have stopped to think to share with you, because I work from home, and therefore I follow them. I hope you find them useful and if you have any other I would love to read it.

❤️ I say goodbye, with love and a big hug, thanks for reading! ❤️


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Written by   13
1 month ago
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Although working from home is comfortable for us but its not as easy as we think, we need to plan a proper schedule for it, otherwise it can effect our health.Wonderful article.

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1 month ago

Exactly. Greetings, thanks for reading. :)

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3 weeks ago