My Personal considerations about virtual currencies

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Virtual currencies, like bitcoins, Etherium,XRP,TRX,NEO,ZIL,XTM....were born precisely because those who own wealth did not want its value to depend on those who print money, or on the governments of the various states.

There is a dual confrontation taking place between central banks and wealth holders.

The idea is to create a "digital euro" but in reality they already exist, just like dollars, because through debit cards, credit cards, digital payments we already use digital media that rely on fiat coins.

system from which they come (central banks).

In essence, these digital euros that I have talked about are nothing more than another form of centralized currency, which is definitely the opposite of the idea behind cryptocurrencies in which, roughly, no one really owns the ownership of the cryptocurrency in question.


What do you think of it? I am very curious to hear yours in the comments, in a civil way. I appreciate the CONSTRUCTIVE discussions, I would not want them to argue in the comments without listening to the opinions of others as

If you've made it this far, thank you for your time, support,and see you next time!

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