Bitcoin and Gold Market Response.

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  • Before couple of months, President Trump announced he and his wife had contracted Covid-19.

    This news, sent the price of Bitcoin spiralling down.

    At the same time, gold is surging, proving one and for all that the two assets are not correlated.

    Global market rumor.

    Shortly after the news broke, global stock markets reacted with a heavy slide, and crypto markets appear to be following a similar path. For its part, Bitcoin has shed almost $200 since the announcement.

    The latest dip comes on the heels of a drop fueled by the news that U.S. officials indicted BitMEX owner Arthur Hayes and other executives on charges the crypto exchange violated know-your-customer and derivatives trading laws. All told, Bitcoin is down more than 4% over the last 24 hours

    Meanwhile, gold is pumping. The precious metal is up on the day, with the price spiking over one percent to reach a high of $1,909 per oz. These developments prompted more than a few traders to note the opposing trends. One tweeted, “I think, once and for all we can all agree that BTC is not correlated to gold and is correlated to equities, no chopping and changing whenever it suits our bias, this is how it is now.”

  • The news affected markets across the board — the Australian ASX is down 1.35%, and S&P 500 futures fell by roughly 2%.

    In the same period, Ethereum has lost around 5% in a fall back to $338. But among cryptocurrencies, it’s DeFi tokens that are crashing hardest, YFI, SNX, BAND, SUSHI, and COMP have all dropped by more than 10%.

    While this may be nothing more than a small blip on the radar, more than a few commentators recognized the potential significance for Bitcoin. As crypto analyst Joseph Young put it, “the BitMEX charges and Trump contracting COVID-19 couldn’t take Bitcoin below the $10k level even briefly. The resilience of Bitcoin during this cycle is quite impressive.”

All these , show that cryptocurrencies prices are not safe from political evens, contrarily to GOLD who always surge positively with any negative even occurred, with what happen in this year 2020, and what we expect coming in the future , GOLD stay the best investment , more over , he is the core guaranty money for the future .

What do you think of it? I am very curious to hear yours in the comments, I appreciate the CONSTRUCTIVE discussions.

Thank you for your time, support,and see you next time with more GOLD in your hand .

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