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“My smartBCH Adventure: From Being Unsmart to Fully Smart"

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11 months ago

::: My Adventure Begins :::

I was never smart, but I always tried to be one. I guess that was the reason I got lucky enough to know about 'Smart BCH' from the very early days. The whole experience of mine with the "Smart BCH" was indeed an interesting roller coaster ride. So, here's how it all started.

Just as any regular day, I was scrolling through the 'Twitter' application. Using my fingers to full potential, I was rapidly moving the application up and down without any real purpose.

My mind was clogged, and it was sort of clueless. Running through the tweets hastily, my eyes stopped on something. The mind was unclogged a bit later, and tried its best to focus.

"There was an opportunity of being smart right in front of me".

Want to know what was that. Here it comes.

::: The Rise of CashCats :::

The ultimately cute 'CashCat' logo was the one that was able to catch my unsmart attention. And, I started wondering that why it was even there.

It was a retweet from someone I followed, and it said that 'CashCats' was going to giveaway a million 'Cats' to anyone who liked the tweet and posted their 'Smart BCH' addresses. As I have admitted earlier of my lack of smartness, It took me some time to figure out what the tweet said.

I thought that I may enter, but the 'Smart BCH' address got me a little confused. I did not know how to have that address for myself. After thinking for a while, I just ignored what the tweet said and started doing some unsmart stuff. It was really silly of me, especially considering where we stand today with 'Smart BCH' achieving so much success and adoption so early.

::: The Opportunity Knocked My Door Again :::

Very next day, there was a barrage of tweets on my feed, celebrating the mega launch and success of 'Smart BCH' and 'CashCats' combined. I was amazed to see that.

Moments later, a second opportunity for glory struck me, and I ran into a tweet telling that there was another giveaway organized my 'CashCats'. I immediately said to myself that:

"This time I am not going to miss out on that".

I don't know how, but I just got myself enough data to ensure that I had at least a 'Smart BCH' address to claim some of the 'Cats' that were distributed. I tried to complete all the tasks that were required, and was fully ready to enjoy my time with the 'Cats'.

::: Unlucky Me :::

Unfortunately, I somehow missed a requirement. And sadly, it was one of the important ones.

I did not send my 'Smart BCH' address in their 'Telegram Group'. This was one of the most unintelligent things that I could have done. So, I was not able to grab the 'Cats' that were given out. I was very sad that day.

::: A New Day :::

As I was so excited for everything smart that was going on in the 'Smart BCH' sidechain of Bitcoin Cash, I started following closely anything that was put up.

Through this journey of mine, very soon I started to become aware of all the stuff that was going on about many listed projects. The website became my favorite website of all time, and I was literally checking the updated prices on the website every minute. It was so fun, and still is.

::: My First Investment :::

I was so hyped for each project that got itself launched on the sidechain that I often remained confused about what to buy. I was in love with every project. But, with limited funds, I had to choose what I liked the most.

I ultimately chose 'Axie BCH' as my first investment, because I was so astonished by the success that 'Axie Infinity' was having. I was extremely happy that day. Getting my first tokens on the 'Smart BCH' network had a profounding affect on me. I just loved that so much. From that day onward, I started to feel 'Smart' about myself.

::: Being Smart :::

'Smart BCH' made me smart too. It got me into crypto, and helped me learn so much about the cryptocurrency and blockchain in general. It has brought out the crypto enthusiast in me, which I never knew existed.

Now I am smart enough to understand the 'Bitcoin Cash' ecosystem as a whole, and its efforts to help promote cashless and effortless daily transactions. I am now also able to recognize and commend the abilities of 'Smart BCH', which supports the smart contracts on the 'Bitcoin Cash' ecosystem. These efforts have paved the way for many talented developers and eager investors to come together and work for a stronger and smarter 'Bitcoin Cash' ecosystem, and a much wider cryptocurrency adoption.

This was a glimpse of my 'Smart BCH' journey up until now. I hope that this journey stay the way as it is now. And, it's amazingly beautiful and truly magnificent.

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Written by   4
11 months ago
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