ShibaBCH has the Attitude of Shiba Inu

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1 year ago

I wrote this title with full conscience that Shiba Inu is in a multi-billion dollar market cap and ShibaBCH is only in between 100-200K.

ShibaBCH does not have a similar to Shib community, and is on a blockchain that is so new that very few in the cryptocurrency space know about it.

I read the chats in the telegram and I don't see anything important in it. There is no reason to see any coin like that grow but one.

Shiba Inu had no reason either. It is only the race of the dog used by Dogecoin and one not so famous meme as those that hold Doge wanted it to be, until lately with Elon Musk making it look significant.

ShibBCH is not going to be advertised by Musk and not going to become a Coinbase listed token, but there is a lot in it, as the investors keep buying meme coins and increasing their value.

Shiba BCH

I bought a lot of ShibaBCH. I make this disclaimer now, since many will feel I write about this and have a purpose. I write about it because I bought and as many others do I have interest.

BUT I did not buy too much, only bought 0.1% of total Shib and my plan is to hodl this at least for a year. But I have also bought more tokens in the smartbch markets, not just Shib.

Shiba Inu token gave riches to many, but only because it had a great community of holders. The community kept pushing and the Shiba BCH community seems to also have the similar state of mind to Shiba Inu.

This is the reason I bought some of Shiba, not for any other reason but the community. If nobody sells, there will be buyers and the staking at DEXs has a high APY that can give profit after some months.

As I have my hopes higher in Bitcoin Cash than anything else because of the strong community that backs its claims with honest developments, I think the attention in some tokens can become huge.

For about $150 I bought more than 0.1% of ShibaBCH market cap. It had about 90% lower market cap when it started, and made 1000% price higher, which it did not lose. The team did not pull the rug and the price since then moves up and down according to the market.

This gives an idea of how long it can keep rising and there is another thing.

As more investors enter smartbch soon, they will take a look at all the tokens. ShibBCH is there having a name they know and don't need to look more into researching what it does. This token is there for the "pump". Like HEX was in Ethereum and like Celery is in smartbch again.

Very little difference in the use case of all these tokens.

ShibBCH may not have the connections, but did Shiba Inu had nothing but only its community. I have seen many of strong communities making it.

It takes to have very low greed to achieve this. No rugs and to make it matter in the long term. No price targets and not think of it as a way to make money but a gamble.

As price keeps rising, there will be more interested and buy. What it takes is just 50-100 people in the beginning. But yes, there is risk and I don't want to be wrong with this and make others lose money.

See it as a gamble, instead of wasting money in any Binance token that seem to be too high of a price, try ShibaBCH and let it there for some months. It has already made one 10x and it can make another one, then we will see again.

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1 year ago