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Sun Flower's Transition

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1 year ago

The other day I was talking about the sweetness and fragrance of the Jasmine flower.

Today we will be seeing the transformation and beauty of a sunflower.

I captured this in a nearby bush that leads to our farmland.

I edited it with my photo using a photo editor.

I like taking a step by step process of my editing.

The first one is the normal editing without any color changes.

Light Editing

The second one is the dark editing or you call it night editing. Here I made the flower look like it was captured in the late night.

Night Editing

The third is monochrome editing, plain black and white image. My love for monochrome images is second to none. I like it cause it gives it an ancient days taste lol.

Monochrome Editing

And the last one is deep editing. Here I made the image a little deepen in color, contrast, fade, and sharpness. you can see the difference between this and the first photo. Because of the deep editing, the color of the sunflower has changed drastically.

Deep Editing

I hope you liked today's photo editing session.

I love nature's photography. I capture everything in it.

Please rate my work on a scale of 100.

If you like such work, I will keep doing more and sharing more of such articles.

~Weird Fairy

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Written by   108
1 year ago
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