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Scathy ~ Fictional

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1 month ago

No! That's the last place to dream of.
I can't imagine myself going there after experiencing such a harsh summer.

Calm down Sara you aren't going there, it's just sex, there is no harm in having sex once or even twice.

No Dan, there is every harm in it, how can you tell me there is no harm in defiling my body?
What if I get pregnant? What will I tell my parents?
What if God never forgives me for this sin?
And most of all, I can't go to hell because of this.
I am scared, scared for my life, besides I never told you I would sleep with you when I accepted your proposal as your girlfriend.

Dan, please tell me this isn't what you go around the campus doing with all the girls you have asked out since I knew you.
Do you ask them for sex immediately after they accept you?
It's just a week Dan, just a week and you are already asking for the impossible.
I can't do this, I won't do it no matter what you say to me.

Let's call it off....Dan cut in.
Wait what? You are breaking up with me? Simply because I didn't give in to your demands?
Wow, Dan! Just wow, you know what? I am better off without you.
I can't believe this, Sara picked her handbag and head towards the door.

If She walks out that door, I will become a mockery to my friends, I promised them I was going to get her to my bed.
What do I do? What if I rape her? will I be able to live with the traumas after what?
I think I can deal with that later on.

Dan grabbed Sara from her waist before she could reach the door, pushed her to the bed, and had his way through her entire body, like a vicious beast, he devoured her.
All Sara did was cry and scream until she passed out yet Dan didn't stop, until his last breath, he finally let out and got off her.

When Sara finally regain consciousness, she felt dirty and bitter. She couldn't control the tears rolling down her cheeks.

What has she gotten herself into?
What will she do now? Dan has finally shown her what truly he is.
How will she tell her mom about this?
What will happen if Dan's action made her become a mother, she couldn't let that happen.
She was so bitter with numerous thoughts running through her head.

You are a monster, Dan.
Yes, I am, Dan responded.
I can't believe I accepted you in the first place, that is the worst mistake of my life and I live to regret it.

No need to regret it, babe, I am sure you enjoyed the ride.
You are a beast, enjoy? Did you just take advantage of me and call it enjoyment?
Now I know the demon you are and I swear to you that your life has been cursed already.

Sara said all this amidst the tears and bitterness.
She couldn't go back home the night after the occurrence.
She spent her night on a bridge where she wanted to commit suicide.
She didn't think she could ever face her parents ever again after what happened to her.
What about God? Will he ever forgive her?
Why didn't she follow the signs when she saw them?
She played blind and it resulted in this.

She roamed the streets for days and still couldn't go home.
She couldn't contact any of her friends or relative.
She wandered alone without water or food.
And when she couldn't take it any longer, she gave up the ghost.
Her body was found and discovered four days later.
The news got to her parents that were busy searching the hook and cranny of the city for her.

They couldn't forgive themselves for not properly looking into the welfare of their daughter
They prayed and sought God's forgiveness.
And later took the remains of Sara to give her a befitting burial.
A year later, Dan was arrested for sexual assault and sentenced to life imprisonment.
He paid the price of all the crimes he has ever committed in his life.

...The End




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Written by   17
1 month ago
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