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My Brain Is Losing It

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1 week ago

Guess what? I just got my vibes back and I wanted to bring it on here.
I got back home and took my dinner and ready to step in here and do what best I know how to do but something happened, guess what? My Brain is malfunctioning.
Come on, does it feel like I am hallucinating here or perhaps exaggerating?
Okay, if you think I am, let me share with you guys what happened.
I apologize for whosoever had already clicked this post and has gotten to this point.
Perhaps you are not interested in my rants, as I know many here are not, so I will rather advise now to ignore me and go about your normal thing.
But for those who care about my ranting, which seems like what I will be doing right now, you are very free to keep reading and find out what really happened lol.

8th June, 2021

I got up from my bed, with the intentions of going to the saloon to make my hair. I made sure to finish my house chores earlier so that I will have enough time to go style my hair the way I wanted it.
After finishing with the chores, I took my bath and rushed down to my stylist place which was just a few steps or kilometres away from my house.
On reaching her place, I gave a knock on her door three times seeing that the padlock on the door was open. I was already happy thinking that someone was around and preferably my stylist.
I knocked and called out to her but only to get a response from her nearest neighbor.
The neighbor came out and said this to me; oh, your stylist isn't around, she just put to birth, maybe they forgot to lock their door
The last sentence wasn't really my major concern as the first one.
WOW! good news that she put to birth, but bad news that I won't be styling my hair with her for the next 3-4 months or even more now that she is on maternity leave.
She was the only one I made my hair with and I don't have this habit of always changing my stylist like most people do.
I went back home with a mixed feeling but in all I was grateful to God for bringing forth a new life through my stylist.

Fast forward to 9th June, 2021. A friend of mine came to visit and suddenly she told me she wanted to make her hair, but first she wanted washing it.
Sadly I told her what happened. I told her my stylist wasn't available but that I could recommend another place for her which I have tried before when it comes to washing and conditioning of hair.
I took her there, she washed her hair and decided to braid it as well. Turns out she liked the hair and didn't say anything bad about it, and that was good news for me, because I don't like recommending something with a negative or poor feedback.

10th June 2021

This is it!
I was left with no other option but to go to the new stylist to help me with my braids.
I got the materials I needed for the braiding. I settled and she started her work.
I can't even tell you the hours I sat there just for the braids to be done.
I literally made comparison between my stylist who went on maternity leave and the new one I just went today to braid with.
The new stylist had many X mark (fail) compared to my personal stylist, except for one thing.
I know I have some pains and headaches naturally when I have a new braid on, but it felt as if I wasn't feeling it at all with the new stylist. Yes at first I wasn't feeling the pains until I got home.
After taking my dinner like I said, I realized I haven't done anything today so I decided to do some tasks online before retiring to bed.

Lo and behold, when I powered up my PC, my eyes were rolling at interval, with severe headaches, eyes pains, flashy and blurry vision.
Everything you could think of all came to play.
I had to pull my eyes off the bright screen to know what exactly was affecting me so much.
After trying it for some minutes, I fixed my eyes again on my PC since I wasn't using my mobile phone, guess what? this time my brain was affected.
It felt as if my brain was scanning unknown and unusual codes. I knew I just needed rest after the long and tiring day and not to overwork my system especially my brain as it stands, but before doing that I decided to write about my experience.

So my question goes, could the brain malfunction simply for not putting it to use for some hours? Or could it be the burden (braids) on my head right now that is causing the malfunction? or is it just that my whole system needs rest and nothing more.
Tell me what you think or know in the comment section below.
By the way, thank you for stopping by and engaging with this author.



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Written by   33
1 week ago
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I guess it is just rest that you need. You have had a really busy day, nd your body is not having it. You gotta get a good sleep, especially because your eyes have strained. Get some meds prescribed by the doctor, or some OTC meds there that cures headaches. But rest is the most important.

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1 week ago

I guess that's the major thing I need right now. Thanks, dear. How are you doing? It's been a while

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1 week ago


I am okay, to answer you. :) The one link you sent me (through Telegram). I didn't expect it to be long hahaha! My brain had a hard time processing all the info. Hahaha.

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6 days ago

I thought as much hahahhaha. Guess that was why you never chatted up again. Its okay dear

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4 days ago

Chatting with you soon! Hahaha!

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2 days ago