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Bruised And Gifted

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1 year ago

Coffee? No thank!

How about juice? Leave me alone, would you?

Ok! Sorry miss, I was hoping you needed a company.

Do I look like someone that wants that?

I guess you did, that's why came around.

Well then, please stay away from me, I would really appreciate that.

He thought I needed someone to talk to, or is that how pitiful I looked?

I just needed to be alone on my own.

I needed my space, I was in die need of freedom.

Freedom from self-pity and self-hate.

I needed to clear my head and find myself.

I walked into the coffee shop unconsciously and sat in a corner.

My mind was far gone until he came around to disturb my already troubled mind.

Why did he do that? Why on earth would some people not just mind their business?

Would he have done the same to some average person? A guy maybe?

Is it because I was a girl? And so he thought he can just walk up to me and strike a conversation?

I was already so mad for no good reason. My annoyance with myself and the life I was living had already overshadowed my thinking.

I was almost at the edge of the road bridge when I suddenly recalled myself.

What was I doing? Who was I angry or mad with?

This is exactly the prison I needed an escape route from.

The same reason that took me to the coffee shop.

I have a mental disorder of always losing my mind at different intervals of time.

Getting mad and angry for no good reason.

I wanted some freedom from this whole mess.

I couldn't continue living such a messy life and ruining other people's lives as well.

How do you describe someone that throws a fit simply because a surprise birthday party was organized for her?

How do you describe someone that constantly scares the life out of her fiance that he is having second thoughts about marrying her?

Who did she offend? What did she do to deserve such a life?

Why was she made a vessel of s

All she has ever sort for, all her life was freedom from self.

To turn a new being, be a different her.

Be like every normal person without some kind of mental disorder or issues.

She longed to go to fun places with her loved loves.

She wished to sit among other normal girls like her and hold hands with her fiance.

Was it too much to ask?

Why did God create her with such a beautiful gift yet something that is standing to tarnish her destiny?

What was his purpose for treating her this way?

When she couldn't even stand on the stage for more than 30 minutes without creating chaos.

God if you can't change me, then why not just take me away was her daily prayer.

She couldn't continue living such a life.

She was tired and fed up with herself and her crazy life, so she calls it.

The bridge was the only option left for her. To end it all.

To end her pitiful life and not be a burden to others.

But little did she know she had been watched and guided every step of the way.

Just when she decided to put an end to it all, a voice spoke to her saying "there is no problem greater than you"

Your problem is far too small for you to end the gift you were graced with.

You were made to be a blessing to others and a blessing through your gift, so do not end it.

For the first time in her entire life, someone spoke to her differently.

She didn't know who it was but the voice just couldn't be ignored.

And from that moment she took charge and control of her life.

She didn't see her mental disorder as a problem anymore.

And her life has been peaceful since then.

Are you facing one problem or the other?

Maybe someone you were born with that cannot be changed

Something you would have to accept and live with for the rest of your life.

I am here to remind you just like the voice that spoke to the girl "there is no problem greater than you"

The Lord knew we are strong enough to handle all the problems and challenges before He allowed it.

He wouldn't have just closed His eyes to it.

He knows us and knows our various capacity as such there is nothing we face that we can't handle.

Do not make your problem look greater than you cause you are greater than every problem you face.

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Written by   101
1 year ago
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