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2 years ago

What is it you love most about Nature? Is it the green grasses? Or the deep blue sky? The oceans? The rocks? The birds of the air?

What exactly do you love about nature?

For me, what I mostly love about nature is the sky, the beautiful formations of the clouds, and the green plant and flowers.

I love the sea and its view but it can't ever be compared to the love I have for the sky and cloud formations.

For a while now, I have stopped capturing the sky because I have tons of cloud images on my mobile. It is too much that I can't even count them again.

I have more photos of clouds and nature shots than I have of my personal pictures.

This is how enthusiastic I am about capturing images of nature and natural vegetation.

Today I am sharing photos of a flower I captured in our small flower garden. The name is jasmine flower, and anyone that knows or have heard of jasmine flowers can attest to its sweet-smelling fragrance.

I love the Jasmine flower because of its fragrance most especially and then its beauty.

I like roses as well but Jasmine is the best in terms of sweet fragrance. It can't ever be compared with the fragrance of roses.

I captured the flower and edited it with my phone. It's just normal and plain color changes, no excessive editing or addition, and a combination of different tools to get the desired result.

I just wanted to do plain editing today and I like how it turned out to be.

Below are the different stages of my editing.

Original Photo

Dark Editing


Deep Editing

How are the different stages of editing?

Have you noticed that the Jasmine flower had already withered? Lol.

Yes, it has. It's isn't really pure white and that is because the flower had started withering at the time I captured it.

Fresh Jasmine flower is always pure white and sparkling but this one looks brownish because it's already withering away.

All the same, I hope it wasn't so bad.

All photo captured and edited with my phone

~ Weird Fairy

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