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Bed Of Roses?

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1 month ago

Was life only supposed to be a bed of roses?

I often hear people curse the day they were born simply because it's not going well with them or they aren't getting to where they desired and aspired to be.

Some even curse life and see nothing good out of life.

But was it supposed to be so?

Is life supposed to be a bed of roses?

We all know that challenges come and every one of us has a taste of its doses.

They say challenges come to either make you or mar but whichever you chose is what works for you.

So far you are a living being and you are existing on earth, life will always throw coal and dirt at you sometimes.

But you should always be ready at every given point in time to handle everything thrown at you; either roses or thorns.

If life presents you with roses, good for you.

But if it's thorns you are given, why not make the best use out of it?

Another saying goes this way "How you lay your bed, so will you lie on it". Imagine if you lay your bed with thorns, what would be the outcome?

And if you lay your bed with roses, you understand what that means as well.

So it's left for you to choose which one you want.

Life isn't just a bed of roses. It comes in different mixture and textures but it's in our place to polish and furnish it the way we want it.

Stop wishing and assuming that life is a bed of roses cause it really isn't.

Be ready for anything and always keep in mind that there are still hidden thorns even among roses.

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~ Weird Fairy

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