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18 At Last? ~ Added Value?

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6 months ago

Who didn't wanna get there?
To finally taste the freedom of becoming an adult.
To know what it really felt like to be one and be seen as one.
To be able to take part in most conversations without anyone thinking you are still a child and that certain matters shouldn't be discussed with you.
Who didn't wanna clock 18?
For some, they were eager to finally start a relationship (not now that even babies are found in relationships lol)
Some guys thought it was the proper time and age to try liquor and strong wines.

We all anticipated it. We all thought we would be different, felt different, look different but well, for some of us we did look different but does it really change anything?
Consciously we were told to become more responsible because we were turning into adults.
People felt it was now okay to approach us with ridiculous questions and chit-chat.
They felt oh well, this girl/boy is now an adult so we can just say random shit to her/him. Some with no conscience at all.

18 At Last

Sadly, nothing changed. Like becoming an adult really didn't change anything.
Rather it opened doors to more responsibility, lies, more dramas, more shits, and stuff.
It made us become more conscious of our life and careful what we welcome into it.

Some rose to a standard they never dreamed or wished for.
Took up certain responsibilities they weren't even ready for.
While others began to welcome conversations and discussions they once believed were for the bigger people or adults.
Above all, we were left to take decisions and make our choices (for some, not all though)
And at every instance, we will hear things like you are old enough for this or that. You are old enough to do this and do that, to go there or be here and all the rest that follows.

Sadly, all this was tied down by a number, and the number 18.
We believed everything or anything at all was possible with that number.
We believed if we clock 18 we can do just anything without being answerable to anyone because after all, we became adults the night we turned 18.

To think some people feel age is just a number. Do you really believe it is just a number?
I hear people say it often but I don't buy into that idea of age being just a number.
If age was just a number, why then did some adults restrict some children or teenagers from certain information or thing feeling they aren't old enough for it?

Why do some companies ask for people's ages before they can be considered or granted a job opportunity?
Well, technically age isn't just a number. It matters in so many things and so many areas of life.
It is just individual opinions and not a fact.

Not Different

So you turned 18 and realize there was nothing different about you? Physically? Emotionally? Spiritually? Financially? Educationally? And otherwise?
There is an error lol. A big one.
Your age should determine many things about your life.
From discussing childish things and behaviors to taking up challenges and becoming more responsible.
Life shouldn't always meet you at the same spot every time, every day, and every year.

Attach value to your number, to your age. Don't waste it.
You may not felt any different from the person you were yesterday to the person you are today simply because you aren't adding value to yourself.
Add value and not just number.
They say a word is enough for the wise.

Thank you for stopping and reading through, I appreciate it.
Happy New Week Guys!
Have a very blessed and fulfilling week.

I wanna thank say a big thank you to all my sponsors. Thank you for making this journey a little bit easier for me, I truly appreciate you all and to my readers too.


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Written by   100
6 months ago
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