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Wanaka Farm - A Beautiful NFT Game

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4 months ago

Wanaka Farm is a relaxing game based on blockchain and NFTs that immerses us in the role of a happy farmer who cultivates his land and takes care of his crops and animals.

The entire visual and sound environment of Wanaka Farm is inspired by a beautiful village located south of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, surrounded by the natural beauty of mountains, lakes and forests.

So also Wanaka Farm is a visually beautiful and relaxing game, with vibrant colors and soft sounds. A game that really invites you to immerse yourself and spend hours in it, taking care of your farm. The visual design of the game is downright impressive.


Various types of plants and animals can be grown and raised on Wanaka farms, which are the main activity within the game. Cabbages, Wheat, Corn, Apples, Mangoes and Oranges can be grown. Cows, Pigs, Goats and Koi Fish, Carp and Plaice can also be raised in the ponds.

For the cultivation and breeding of these, seeds must be bought or breed, which once planted must be watered or fed until the product is fully grown. These harvested products can then be breed for more seeds to continue production.

Or they can be processed in the factory into ingredients that can be used to produce a variety of food products that provide energy or can be turned in on quests for profit.

Both the seeds and the ingredients and products produced in the factory can also be sold to other players in the "Wanatrade" market, another way to generate profits within the game.

Coins, market and earnings

Wanaka Farm uses two coins, both of which are Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 tokens. WANA is the native currency of Wanaka and there is only a total supply of 500 million. It is used for transactions and purchase of lands, pets, mutated products both outside the game in the Marketplace and inside the game in the Wanatrade.

Holding WANA through staking mechanisms allows you to earn even more of both coins and some other game items.

Users also need WANA to participate in the Wanaka governance structure.

WAI is the secondary token for internal use by the game ecosystem. It is an unlimited token that is kept controlled by various burning mechanisms. WAI is earned in-game by turning in quests, but is also burned in costs for production, breeding, fees, leveling up land, and others.


In order to play in Wanaka Farm it is necessary to have a land available. Land is a contracted NFT asset on the BSC blockchain. These lands are the main asset of the game, since it makes the player the owner of a farm where they can carry out their activities.

So far only the basic lands (that is, farms) have been released, but soon the vision of Wanaka's next land type, the forest lands, should be revealed. We'll talk about that soon.

The land can have between 1 and 4 seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), these seasons define which crops and animals can be used on it and it is a fixed value that also adds value.

Lands are classified into 6 different rarities and these rarity levels define two fundamental parameters of the land. Each higher rarity level intensifies these parameters making them better and more valuable.

With the increase of the rarity, the percentage of reduction of cultivation time increases making our products can be harvested more quickly and therefore more quantity can be produced. It also increases the percentage of appearance of mutated products.

These mutated products cannot breed to obtain seeds, but if they are sown again and after a waiting time, they will produce a fixed and unique gain of WAI. They can then be processed to obtain ingredients.

Lands accumulate experience from activities performed on them and can also be leveled up. Higher-tier lands have access to more usable plots and more advanced crops.


As I said, all of Wanaka's activities take place on one land. However, it is not necessary to own one to play, you can also rent a piece of land from another user.

Landowners may decide not to work on the land or not to use all the available space. In this case, they can rent the part of their land they want so that another player can play on it in exchange for a weekly WANA payment.

This possibility is a great advantage for the owner who may not have the time or energy to attend to all his land or lands (if he has several) and thus also receives profits. And it's also a great advantage for other players who want to rent it, either they don't own any land, or their land doesn't have features they're interested in (such as level or seasons).

Road traveled

Wanaka is also a game still in development and in the months that have passed since its launch in late 2021 it has only gotten better. The development team is constantly listening to the needs and concerns of the community and together we are committed to creating a great game for the future.

There have been many changes that have been made in such a short time and many new features that have been incorporated into the game. Twice now land levels have been extended to use more plots, and both times new content has been added. New crops and animals for new levels, more ingredients and products to deliver on quests or sell on Wanatrade.

Big changes have also been added with cool and important features like pets that tend to the farm automatically and can be created and upgraded by users themselves.

The great land rental system that helps all players in one way or another and allows those who don't have land to have the same fun and chances of earning as everyone else.

Wanaka is a great game that will only get better. If you still do not belong to our community, we invite you to join us and enjoy with us. But above all that you integrate and together we continue to provide more content and more fun.


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Written by   123
4 months ago
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Interesting game

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4 months ago

It's an interesting game, but mostly not for the usual reasons. Unfortunately, today what people want are games that give them quick and abundant profits. That is why there is so much talk now about the failure of Play2Earn. For me it is not that it has failed, but that everyone is treating it in the wrong way, both players and game developers.

But at Wanaka, the development team has turned a deaf ear to all the criticism and FUD. They have continued to develop their game and it is now many times better than when it was released just 8 months ago. And that's the proper mindset I think. Develop a great game that everyone wants to play because it's fun and relaxing, and also if you know how to play it well and put in the effort, you can also make some profit.

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4 months ago

Do you have a link to these? is there initial purchase required?

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4 months ago From there you can download and get the tokens contracts. PLEASE DO NOT USE OTHER CONTRACTS OTHER THAN THOSE IN THE MAIN SOURCE. To play you will need a land. You can purchase one (not recommended to newbies) or rent a piece of land to others landowners. For that you will need WANA, not much. And you need some WAI too, to purchase seeds inside the game. You can start with that. None of this is simple though, you need a metamask wallet with Binance Smart Chain network, buy the tokens in pancakeswap, then create the account in the wanaka marketplace and deposit the tokens into the game. Only then you can rent a land in the said marketplace and start playing. its a blockchain and NFT game, you need blockchain and NFT experience.

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4 months ago

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it!

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4 months ago