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There's two sides to a coin. I'm a Writer, Blogger, and Thinker.
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Greetings, everyone! I would like to wish you all a wonderful day, wherever you may be in the world. Today will mark a special occasion for me, as I begin to write my first post here, on read.cash.

Not my first time using this .gif, but it does express my emotions rather well.

First however, and introduction:

My name is Zack Norman, at 22 years old; born and residing still in the beautiful and diverse city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As of my recent accomplishments; I had completed my A-Levels studies, with a focus on Engineering, and now contemplating where, how, and when to go next.

In the meantime however, while I ponder on what to do next; I've decided to start a bit of writing. For the past few months, I have been actively writing on the frontend sites of the Steem Blockchain, through wonderful platforms such as Steemit, Steempeak, and Partiko.

I have enjoyed my time on Steemit/Steempeak, but now it's perhaps a good time to explore something new.

I have since enjoyed the joyful art of writing and blogging, as it has allowed me to express myself in ways that are unconstrained, and unadulterated. That expression, while done modestly aware of common courtesy, has granted me a new freedom of communication, to share and converse with each people from around the world.

It has opened me to a new online community, one so full of passion and zest, each person with their own interests to share. It's that engagement with a diverse, and global community which has allowed me to fully understand the wonders of blogging.

But why, would one ask, have I decided to blog here on read.cash, rather than Steemit? For that question, there are many answers, and equally as many explanations.

A new journey, searching for myself.

Firstly, I won't be leaving Steemit (or its sister platforms) anytime soon, as I have already established a decently good following considering my relative new-ness, along with many good friends that I've met along the way. I will continue to blog on Steemit, as well as other sites, such as Publish0x, as I hope to make new friends here, and there as well.

While I may have established my fondness on Steemit, the primary challenge for me as a blogger, is that the platform itself has become a comparatively large community, and it proves to be harder for me to find a good distinction amongst the other good bloggers that have started blogging on Steemit, far longer than I.

Being late to a party means that while everyone has gotten comfortable, you've become somewhat out of place, and to then try, perhaps too hard, to mingle with others. However, the gift of that tardiness, is that I'm able to learn more about the platform, and blogging, from experienced and learned bloggers on Steemit.

As such, I remain committed to continue my path on the crowded streets of Steemit, but I feel obliged to move ahead, and to begin my own journey, on newer and more unexplored communities, such as the ones that I have found here on read.cash.

Another reason for my joining read.cash, is my due interest in partaking an interesting, and new project, to start on this early quest. I hope that by my participation, I could help read.cash grow, and to see it grow maturely, into a more robust and sustainable platform.

One of my first post on Steemit, concerning the state of the cryptocurrency industry, was one of my proudest works thus far.

You may be interested in what I will be writing about. If one peruses through my Steemit profile, one may find that writings are particular in 2 subjects - one regarding my interest in the world of business, finance, and economics; while the other discusses my more intimate fascinations, such as cars (I do plan on writing more than just cars in the future).

By far the most popular work of writing I have posted yet, sharing my thoughts on Ford's release of its newest "Mustang".

As I have only just gotten started on blogging, a relative newborn, there is much for me to learn and write. As I venture forth into this adventure, to meet new people, and to talk about their upmost passions, I will have more interesting things to write about.

So, let's take part in this journey together. Share with me your thoughts and experiences about read.cash, what you've learned, or those fun moments :-)

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Written by
There's two sides to a coin. I'm a Writer, Blogger, and Thinker.
1 week ago
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