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Czar's love

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Novel: Czar's Love

Author: Zaroon Ali

Episode No: 02

Noor waited for a while after all the classes were over, but seeing no sign of his arrival, he took out his mobile phone and called him, who had probably forgotten to pick him up from the university on his return.

"Where are you, Raza?" How long have I been waiting for you? ”On the other hand, the light had started as soon as the voice of hello emerged.

"Even in the morning you left without helping me find my class of rudeness and I have been standing here for a long time looking for your way, but you are rude, when you get a chance from your friends, you think of your sister." I am telling you, if you do not arrive here in the next five minutes, I will call Baba, without listening to him (who was trying to tell him something again and again). Cut because she knew that as soon as she heard the threat of Zaheer Sahib's name, she would be in any corner of the city and would immediately rush to pick him up. And so it happened. In the next seven minutes, Raza brought a bike and stopped near him. Despite her anger, she sat quietly behind him.

"Sorry, the bike's tire really punctured, that's why it took me so long," he said, putting the bike on the way home, feeling the silence from the light. "Fuck you and your bike that only punctures my work area," Noor said as he received a slap.

"Don't hit me in front of the girls on the way. My whole image is ruined", he quickly set his hair with one hand and made a sad face.

"So it's going to be bad. You're my brother, he's too young, so when my heart will do where I want, I can kill you to make you realize your mistakes, and children, when you get home, I will make such complaints to Baba." It will be seen how they make their sister wait so long, ”Noor slapped her on the shoulder and expressed her anger.

"What's the matter with you, please just do it now and save your energy for the house where you will have to cook for yourself and me as soon as you arrive", Raza added as he took a turn.

"Why should I cook? Where is Mama?" Noor asked anxiously.

"Mama Baba has gone to Khala. There was some important work to be done," Raza replied to her anxiety, which made Noor cry as soon as she heard it.

"I don't want to cook, I'm already tired of lecturing all day and now I don't have the courage to go home and do anything, so you take something from here," he refused in a distraught mood. Did Raza thank Allah that he saved his life by forbidding it with his own mouth?

"Okay, you don't have a problem, I'll just go and get something and yes, thank you, I will never forget this kindness of yours for the rest of my life", Raza stopped the bike in front of the house and nodded, then Noor got off the bike and asked him. Looked at the side that was now getting off the bike itself.

"What kindness?" Asked Noor, coming towards the gate behind him.

The grace to save my life. Please don't feed me by making delicious dishes with your rare hands, ”he said while opening the lock, maintaining his seriousness.

"Meaning?" Noor asked in an ignorant manner as he entered.

"I mean, you are a very accomplished chef who can make things that even the greatest chef in the world has never been able to make," said Raza, raising his voice a little and proudly praising him.

"For example, what kind of thing do I make that no one can make?" Noor asked with great curiosity.

The rare pot of okra in which you poured the whole two glasses of water and also the juice that you regularly made by pouring the juice. Alas, no one can make such delicious dishes even if one dies twice and comes back to life, ”said Raza, looking at the changing colors of Noor's face in his own words, which may have now understood his mischief.

"I'll tear your head off in pleasure", with a reddened look of frustration he ran after her to hit her who had already run towards the gate before he could get his hands on her.

"Come home and see how I feel about you", with a sigh, seeing him coming out of the gate, Noor applied the brakes and angrily locked the gate and picked up his bag and went inside to catch Raza. Had fallen in the courtyard.

"Today was a miserable day, first that rude girl, then that czar, then the executioner, and now all of them are insulting me," he said, throwing his bag and box on the bed as he entered his room. As soon as she saw the clock, she wiped the moisture from her eyes and hurriedly went to perform Wudhu so that she could perform Zuhr prayers.

.. .. .. .. ...


At night, when he thought of that unfamiliar voice, which caught his eye, which opened at about nine o'clock in the morning. "Oops, it's so late." Seeing the space next to him empty, he got up and hurriedly freshened up and came out of the room. His first encounter was with Ashraf Sahib who was reading the newspaper on the dining table as well as drinking tea.

"Peace be upon you uncles," he said as he sat down behind the chair next to them.

"Walikum al-salam", how are you and how did you spend the night? Did you sleep well ?? "He turned to the newspaper and turned to it.

"Uncle, I slept very well and now I just want tea."

"Yes, yes, why not, I'm just telling your aunt," he said to his wife as soon as he heard her.

"Rukhsana, bring some tea for Zaroon too. Make breakfast. He didn't eat anything at night."

"No, my uncles came to eat with Fahad, but now I will go to Islamabad for tea."

"Why are you in such a hurry? Stop for a few days now", Ashraf Sahib interrupted as soon as he heard his words.

"No, uncles, Ma'az also has to go to Karachi for work and Ami Abu also intends to stay with you for a few days, so you can't leave the house alone," Zaron said for a good reason.

"So what? Someone will pick up the house. There are so many employees behind. We will see for ourselves," said Rukhsana Begum, placing tea and cake in front of her.

"No, Mami, there is no such thing. If a person is at home, there is no problem. Anyway, you know the consequences of trusting employees nowadays," Zaron reiterated his insistence.

"You have already come after such a long time and we have not given you any hospitality yet", again Ashraf Sahib tried to stop him.

"I'll go around again and give you a good chance at my hospitality," Zaron reassured them as he sipped his tea.

"Come on, it's okay, but you are not going anywhere right now. Wait till noon, eat and go," said Ashraf Sahib as soon as he heard him, so it did not seem appropriate to stop Zaroon this time.

"Okay, I'll eat and leave, and this is Amy Abu, where can't you see?", Zaron asked, obeying him. As soon as Rukhsana Begum heard him stop, she happily went back to the kitchen to eat. To prepare

"They have both gone to the graveyard of Ami Abu," Ashraf Sahib told him, shaking his head in affirmation and asking him about his business.

.. .. .. .. ...

When she finished praying, Raza had also brought food. "Come, I have brought food," he said, looking at her angrily to pick her up.

"So what should I do? Go and eat what snacks I have to make and put in your mouth," he said, opening his handkerchief and maintaining his frustration.

"Okay, I'm just bothering you anyway," Raza took the chocolate out of his pocket and waved it in front of his eyes. Raza apologized and offered him a bribe as if Noor took his hand from his hand. Ok done

"Yeah, I'm so angry," he said, glancing at his brown eyes and looking at the tempting chocolate.

"Then let's eat. I'm very hungry." Seeing his mood improve, Raza took his hand and turned to the kitchen where he had already put everything on the table.

"My anger is over, but I'm still a little angry. How did you say bad things about my food and insult me?", He said as he sat down on the chair and placed the chocolate on the table. He was taking out the curry and putting it in his plate.

"So I'll make you a little angry and make tea for you, so don't make such a bad face now and the food is getting colder", adding more butter to his heart's desire. Because he did not want the reason for his bad mood to reach Zaheer Sahib's ears.

Zaheer Sahib who is a principled man as well as possesses a good and humble nature. They have only two children. Noor Badi is a BS Computer Science student. Apart from being the darling of Zaheer Sahib, he has a very sensitive and delicate temperament, while Raza, who is two years younger than him, is still a student of FA and also has a very naughty and gentle nature due to the immense pampering of Naila Begum. ۔ His best hobby is to keep his nose in the light all day. Zaheer Sahib is a government employee who was transferred from Faisalabad to Islamabad a few days ago due to which he came and settled here for his small family.

"Raza, I'm going to sleep. When Mama Baba comes, wake me up," Noor said after eating. He packed the dishes and saw her busy watching a movie on TV. "So you won't drink tea now?" Raza asked happily as soon as he heard her turn off the TV.

"No, I'm very tired so I'll rest a little. You just wake me up for a while and yes you will make evening tea so don't think that I killed you by making your tea", on his face. Seeing the smile, Noor turned around and poured water on all his happiness.

"Okay, I'll make it," he blurted out, turning on the TV again, and Noor turned to his room, smiling at the twelve o'clock bell on his face.

"Repent, Allah, don't give such a cruel sister to anyone, Amen", seeing the door of her room closed, Raza raised his hand and prayed and turned his attention to the TV again.

.. .. .. .. ...


After lunch, Zaroon sought permission from Ashraf Sahib and left for Islamabad with the driver, telling Ahmed Sahib and Abida Begum to take care of themselves and return home soon. When the car left the house, he turned on his mobile phone, which had been switched off since nightfall, the screen of which was immediately filled with innumerable messages.

"Oops, what a mess," he said, looking at a long list of messages from the same unknown number.

"I don't know where such people come from to harass others," he said, opening and reading all the messages in turn.

"What's the use of saying sorry now, there's a limit. This girl apologized almost two thousand times in two hundred messages, oops", after reading some messages, she deleted the rest in the same way and asked the driver about her condition. Began to ask which was bad in the previous two.

"Yes, little sir, I'm fine now. The older man saw the doctor and took the medicine with him and now, by the grace of Allah, I am much better than before," Hamid replied to Zaron in full detail.

"All right, God bless you, I'll take the rest of the medicine on time," Zaron advised him, turning to his mobile.

"Yes sir", he nodded in affirmation and put the car on the motorway, then Zaron got annoyed with Suri's messages and sent the message "It's OK" even though he didn't want to.

"Did you really forgive me?" Within the next second he received a reassurance message. After reading it, instead of climbing, a smile appeared on Zaron's face.

"Yes, I'm sorry and now please don't say sorry to me", as soon as I read the message with some smiling emojis, Habba's shortness of breath was restored.

"Thank you so much Zaron," he said, hiding his smile as he typed the message again.

"Welcome and how did you come up with the idea of ​​washing your hands of me? I mean, why did you steal my number?" Zaron delivered the verbal question to him.

"Hahaha, no, there's no such thing. Now, I didn't steal it. If I saw the list lying there, it would have been written on it. Which was accepted at that time due to the time of acceptance. ”Taking his white ankle properly, he typed and sent a message which Zaron did not understand how to respond to his words now.

"What happened? Do you think you didn't like what I said?" After waiting for a reply from the other side for a while, Habba typed and sent the message herself, then Zaron's reply came immediately.

"No, it's not like that. Your words just bothered me."

"Why? And do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked another question with a look of distress on his face.

"No, at first glance, I don't even believe in love," Zaron replied bluntly.

"No matter, I will teach you everything, both love and faith." By the way, my name is Haba. I am a B.Sc. student. I came to the ceremony with my friend. Abu is a businessman, maybe you know Sultan Affandi, he is one of the important people of Lahore and Amy is a social worker. I am the only one and I have never texted anyone so arrogantly before today and I have never listened to anyone so much but you are lucky that the heart of Haba Affandi came to you and she listened to you so much at night. I woke up and apologized to you, ”he said, tying his hair back from his shoulder, typing a message and sending it, which brought a smile to Zaron's face again.

"Oh thank you meme you have given so much to this insignificant servant", replying to the message Zaron thought of Sultan Affandi who was a well known personality and he had seen him many times in the newspaper.

"Now tell me not to embarrass you any more and will you befriend me?" He took the initiative himself with a gleam in his beautiful eyes.

"Hmmm, I'll tell you to think and now you go to sleep because according to you you woke up all night and apologized to me, I think you need rest now", Zaron tried to save his life.

"Okay, but promise that you'll talk to me again, but you'll reply when I text you?"

"Okay, I'll give you a rest now," he smiled again as he took the promise and touched Zaron's lips.

"Okay and thank you for accepting my apology", she was lying down as soon as she typed the last message but now there was a beautiful gleam in her eyes instead of sleep which she just had to work a little harder to maintain. Because whatever Habba Affandi looked at, she would leave it as her own, and this time instead of the thing, there was a man who had captured Habba Affandi's heart and mind for the first time.

.. .. .. .. ...

Noor's eyes were opened by the awakening of Raza who had told him about the arrival of Naila Begum and Zaheer Sahib.

"Oops, it's been so long," she said. After lying down for a while, as soon as her eyes fell on the clock, she got up immediately.

"I also told Raza that this boy would never understand me if I woke him up quickly", muttering in her mouth, she put the sheet on the side and got up and went to the washroom. A few minutes later, she washed her hands and came out to the lounge where Zaheer was watching the news.

"Peace be upon you Baba," he said, sitting down beside him as he straightened his blanket.

"Hello, how is my daughter and how was the first day of university today?" Responding to his greetings, he turned down the volume of the TV.

"Yes, Baba, it was fine all day. I was tired of this class all day."

"It doesn't matter, everything will be settled by itself in a day or two, but now you have to study hard," he advised, placing his hand on her head, to which Noor shook his head and asked Naila Begum.

"Where is Mama?"

"She is praying. Did you eat If you haven't eaten, get up. I've brought a biryani. Warm it up and eat it. "

"No, Dad, we ate. I will also offer prayers and then I will eat when I am hungry, ”he said, getting up from the sofa.

"Okay, let's pray, until Naila is finished and Raza comes with a note from Ibrahim, then everyone will eat together," he said, glancing at the screen, as soon as he finished. "Okay," she said, walking to her room.

.. .. .. .. ...


As soon as he reached home, Zaroon first met Maaz who was waiting for him. "How long have I been waiting for Yaratna to come," complained Maaz, who met Zaron.

"Yeah, just in the evening, the rush was enough, that's why he was late. Tell me, how long are you ready to go?" Zaron asked in reply.

"Yes, I'm just leaving. I was just waiting for you, ”he said to Zaron when he heard the horn outside and went inside to get his bag.

"Saleem, tell Babar Sahib that Maaz Sahib is bringing his luggage", Zaroon heard the sound of the horn again and called out to his watchman and he himself went inside behind Maaz.

Ali Ahmed Sahib who is a business man and is living a happy life with his family in Islamabad. They have four sons, Junaid, Muzammil, Moaz and Zaroon, and a daughter, Mahim, the eldest and married, who has long lived happily in Saudi Arabia with her husband and two children, Abira and Subhan.

Junaid and Muzammil are both married and live in Dubai with their families. Junaid has a son Usman and Begum Hina who is a simple and good-natured girl.

One of Muzammil's daughters, Iman, and his wife, Huma, still manage their home well, despite their bitter nature.

Maaz, who has just graduated, is currently working with Ahmed Sahib in his business, but in the near future, he intends to settle abroad like Junaid and Muzammil.

Zaron is the youngest and dearest person in the house and is a very good-natured and playful man who spent all his school days mischievous and annoying his family but his mood changed a lot when he was in college. ۔

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...

When she arrived at the university the next day, she saw a boy dancing in front of her. She looked at him eagerly and approached him, where a group of about twenty-five boys were sitting in chairs, busy enjoying her dance.

"Okay, do it right and are you hitting the same steps as the girls?", One of the boys in the same group saw him doing the same kind of pose, and the boy who danced became very tearful.

"Bhai Sahib, I'm doing it", he fixed his glasses and took one or two more steps to make me look sad.

"Oops, Omar, what kind of pattern have you caught? He doesn't know anything," said one of the boys, who was sitting in the front row, angrily calling out the name of the boy standing next to him.

"I'm sorry brother, let's do a snake dance with him, I think he'll do well," the old man, wearing sunglasses, advised the proud boy.

"Okay, snake dance, and now if you make fun of me, then be ready for your punishment," he said, raising his finger and warning her, leaning back in his chair.

"Brother, please, I don't know", the boy tried to intervene helplessly in front of the whole army, then a boy named Omar came and strangled him.

"Oh, you have so much courage that you forbid Arham bhai, I will tell you now," said the boy named Omar and as soon as he received a slap, the boy immediately sat down in fear and started dancing.

"Oops, bring someone else with the spectacles that have nothing to do with it," said Arham, forbidding Omar with a gesture, who immediately shook his head, grabbed another sample by the neck and stood in front of him.

"Yes, what do you do?" One of the group asked him. Noor regained consciousness and looked around and wanted to slip away feeling something wrong, but before he could do anything, Arham's eyes fell on him.

"Omar, bring that girl here," said Arham, examining her head to toe, and Omar immediately turned to the place where Noor was standing.

"Miss is calling you head," Omar said as he approached her, showing his 32 teeth.

"Sir, which head are these?" Noor thought as soon as he heard the word "head" that he was a teacher.

"These are our heads and now yours too so please come there so that the heads can get some acquaintance with you", Omar kept his tone as serious and soft as possible.

"Well, well understood, it means all the new students who are introducing themselves," Noor said wisely as soon as he heard Omar's words and moved towards where Arham was sitting at his gesture.

"Oops, Abbas, get rid of him," said Arham, seeing the light coming with Omar.

Abbas got up, put his hand on the boy's mouth and took him out of the ground.

"Peace be upon you sir", Noor greeted him with great politeness standing next to him, then Arham took off his glasses and pointed to Omar and asked the reason for that literature.

"Brother thinks you're a teacher," Omar whispered, leaning close to his ear, then Arham put on his glasses to hide his smile.

"Walikum-ul-salam, what is your name, Miss?" He asked in a serious manner.

"Sir, everyone at Noor Haram affectionately calls me Noor. You can also say that because my father says that teachers are also in the place of parents." Who had taken the place of his parents in a matter of minutes.

"Okay Mashaallah is a very cute name just like you and tell me what you have come to this university to do I mean what you have come to study?" Another question was seriously asked.

"Yes, I am a BS Computer Science student. Today is my second day. By the way, I wanted to become a doctor, but Baba used to say that your marks are low, you will not get admission in medical, so I thought that I should become a doctor of human or computer, by the way, I had operated on a frog in FSC and Little by little, I know how to treat humans, but I don't, because Baba says we don't operate on anyone like that. ”Noor began to speak again, and Arham looked down at the talking machine with the glasses under his eyes. Everyone stopped talking and started their own program.

"Oops, where did you get this sample from now?", Fahad whispered near Omar's ear as he listened to the innocent tape recorder in that shape.

"Let's see if you are eligible to stay in this university or not because we strengthen our students by participating in various activities along with their studies so you also have to fulfill a challenge given by me. If you don't meet this challenge, you will be punished, so you will have to meet the challenge at all costs, "said Arham, annoyed by his chuckle.

"I can do anything in my head, you tell me what to do," she said with full confidence, accepting the challenge.

"Well, you see the guy in the white shirt in front of you?"

"The one behind me?" Noor asked for confirmation. "Gee, that's all you have to do is go to him and ask him for five hundred rupees."

"Five hundred? Do they have to ask too? What kind of challenge is this?" Noor looked at him in surprise and asked irrationally.

"It's just a challenge. Now if you don't meet it, be prepared for punishment," Arham shrugged and winked at everyone else.

"No, I'll bring it," he remembered the snake dance and the slapping of the boy a few minutes before he heard the sentence. Then, without further ado, he stepped towards the boy in the white shirt with his back to him. ۔

"Listen brother," Noor approached the boy who was busy looking at something on his mobile.

"Oops, you come again, I won't show you the way," Zaron flatly refused as soon as he saw her.

"Ozar, this is you. Thankfully, I survived. ”Instead of responding, Noor thanked him.

"Do you read here too?" He asked softly, putting aside all yesterday's talk for his own sake. "No, I gossip here," he replied, turning to his cell phone angrily.

"Really, what? You don't look like a wheelbarrow, but what do you do? Everyone has their own destiny," he said, taking a deep breath and expressing regret to Zaron, at which point his hands on his cell phone stopped for a moment.

"I wanted five hundred rupees, I mean, not me, but look at the back, you see those heads, they have challenged me to bring you five hundred rupees, and if you don't give me, they They will punish me, so please give it to me, ”Noor begged, sitting on a bench next to him.

"I don't have that much money, so go and ask someone else," he said, glancing at Sir Arham, who was a short distance away (who forbade him to pay with a gesture as soon as he saw him). He refused. ۔

"Please give it, look, I will eat five hundred round gossips from your wheelbarrow today and if you don't give it, they will punish me," Noor insisted once again.

"So it's not my fault, and it's good to be punished so that your mind comes to rest, which has probably been a little out of place since childhood," he said, putting a bill on his forehead once more.

"Please give it to me and I'll give it back to you", Noor made one last attempt to make a crying look.

"No, I told you not to bother me anymore," he said, picking up his bag and walking to the canteen, despite the light stopping. "Honna stingy, what would the executioner have done if he had paid five hundred rupees?" As soon as Zaroon left, he looked back helplessly at the army which was looking at him with the gleam of victory on its face.

"Yes, Miss Noor got five hundred rupees or not?" Arham asked as he approached her. Noor nodded.

"Well then, well done, grab these bags and boxes for us and walk around the whole university on one leg," Omar said as soon as he saw her shaking his head in denial.

"No, I can't do it and please take five hundred rupees from me," Noor apologized, glancing at the whole university as he listened to Omar.

"No, you have to do what my assistant said, otherwise I will cancel your admission right now," said Arham, taking out his mobile phone, very seriously, which made Noor lose consciousness.

"No, I'll put it in my head," he said, extending his bag and box to Omar. He hurriedly lifted one foot and began to walk. Seeing the students smiling at her, she started crying, out of pity for which Arham forgave her and let her go to class.

"I will break the mouth of this czar. It would be rude to say that if he had given me money, it would not have been a spectacle for me in front of everyone", he sat there crying because of the pain in his legs after taking four steps. Had intended to take revenge on.

to be continued....


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