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Union means more than strength.

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5 months ago

The union is in the coordination, not in the strength.

Many times we have heard the phrase "unity is in strength". This phrase repeated almost like a mantra is a simplification of a more complex issue. This issue is more relevant now than ever in the world, because people who are opposed to the government have been deceived with this quasi-magical slogan for many years.

A union is of no use if this union is not cohesive, has no common goal, and is represented by characters who often have goals that are contradictory among themselves. For this reason it is better to have a cohesive force, perhaps not so plural, but whose objectives and goals are more coordinated, rather than a super-union of political figures and movements that rather than giving strength to each other, only hinder each other because of the different objectives they seek.

This does not mean that each movement cannot have its own political agenda, but if two or more movements cannot coordinate on such basic things, where is the strength they were supposed to gain by uniting? This is happening more often in modern politics and in the way that institutions are molding themselves to work only on the basis of agendas that only benefit their pockets and block the quality of life of the individuals.

In the same way that one cannot pretend that 1000 workers will build a house 1000 times faster, it is impossible to think that a union of parties will be more effective and stronger just because they have united.

Coordinating individuals will always be better to act in society than forcibly grouping them in the place where they do not want and will never like to be, culturally, economically, politically and philosophically. We all have different needs and our strength lies in the effectiveness of how we exchange our products to offer as a group.

First barter, then the different metals and jewels, and today fiat money, the latter manipulated and disposable, cryptocurrencies are the real place where we act in coordination and not in forced collectivization, where 1000 people work on their common goals and interests in a healthy and not manipulated way.

We have our own banks and exchanges so that currencies like Bitcoin Cash serve the so-called normality of the economy of modern society, it is only a matter of time before people understand the strength of these, which continues to grow day by day.

Soon more governments will adopt Bitcoin Cash, which already shows more superiority than Bitcoin in terms of adoption, if this continues to happen you will see how many debts in the world will end in such a short period of time and finally Satoshi's goal will be fulfilled.

If anyone here has not started using cryptocurrencies, go instantly and buy Bitcoin Cash, and start using all the services it offers along with SmartBCH, from MistSwap DEX to the BlockNG bridge.

And here on you can ask about anything regarding the subject, this community welcomes everyone who wants to embrace a more safe lifestyle economically and those who support 100% cryptocurrencies.

This thought can be applied in general, but it came to my mind after watching how many BTC maxis are sticking to the government and letting Bitcoin being manipulated by traditional institutions counts as a something good because they are putting more strength to the coin and forget that manipulation in the TradFi will be here and always.

Se we have to take care and treat well this virtue Satoshi gave to the world tho embrace individual union, Bitcoin has to set the rules, not the government, that's why Bitcoin Cash matters more than Bitcoin when it comes to a better P2P currency.

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5 months ago
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