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ST Marteen Parliament Discussion about Cryptos and legalization of Bitcoin Cash in the country.

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6 months ago

The Island of Saint Marteen, an island from the Caribbean Sea which has a history of belonging to different empires and only being used as a zone for economical purposes, developing slowly through time an independence status chasing freedom for their citizens.

Since 2010, Saint Marteen has been trying to rise their economy in different ways, looking for customers in the European Union, national rising of their services. Cases of corruption were rising exponentially and a national crisis was visible, even rumors of money laundering, and financing of terrorist networks related to Hamas (a controversial statement and not confirmed yet).

In 2021, with the exponential rising of cryptocurrencies, citizens were developing a small counter-economy against the central bank system, overtaking the current financial system of the small nation.

The Government realized that they can find more benefits to the corruption cleansing using these tools than fighting against it. Clearly the Central Bank was completely against, but in a democratic country everything needs to be talked in the Parliament first to make any kind of decision whether it's good or bad.

To find a balance to get a regulated currency and not find opposition towards the change, the last Parliament session did this as a central subject of discussion. Featuring the presence of Ministry of Finance who provided an excellent job of educating people in the core fundamentals of blockchain, crypto and a vision to involve all the citizens practically towards a new economy.

It also proves that the government it's prepared for the transition and educating the citizens is something that will be a reality, creating easy apps and helping those business who are already in the Bitcoin Cash trend.

MP Rolando Brison not only provided more arguments to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, but himself it's one of the biggest supporter of Bitcoin Cash around the country, explaining different tax-inspecting methods in a more transparent way thanks to blockchain tracking debunked all the myths expressed by a different MP, defending using BCH as a citizens' remittance (P2P currency) that something only for investment purposes (SoV).

Rolando Itself gets his entire Salary in Bitcoin Cash, it teaches people both on Internet and physically how to use BCH safely, he's a great political leader and knows what's the best for the country culturally and economically. It always advocates more than simple tax reforms, he wants citizen freedom of the last status quo of corruption using tools that are honest and transparent enough to follow even for a small nation. Support Rolando Brison in their way to be the guy who leads Saint Marteen to greatness!

He also supports Decentralized Finances (DeFi) using it as a second tool to develop compound wealth not only for himself but for the majority of people, using SmartBCH and DEXes like Mistswap DEX mainly, BenSwap and TangoSwap.

You can find him on Twitter always sharing interesting stuff related to the country and cryptocurrencies, you can talk with him and share ideas too, he's always towards learning new ideas that could help Saint Marteen development and it has a nice charisma so if you want to collaborate with him both financially or politically, you are welcome!

Link to his Twitter Profile:

We don't see this everyday making citizens changing the reality of a country towards small counter-economics, from the Agorist perspective it's still not enough, but small changes are better than nothing, and I'm sure that Saint Marteen will be a nice example for the well-being of countries who want to liberate their people of corruption and excessive Central Bank economical coercion.

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6 months ago
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In that country they "allegedly" finance terrorist, why?

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6 months ago

Not directly, it was back then a heavily corrupted government who looks like did some "funding" but nothing big, and it's still nowadays a fragile statement. Nowadays Saint Marteen has different vision of economic progress.

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6 months ago