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SmartBCH Spotlight: Mistswap DEX

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6 months ago

June was a complicated month for the SmartBCH ecosystem, and it felt that a comeback wasn't happening, suddenly a project went from a bright future to absolute terror. The market conditions also didn't help those buyers who are more interested in saving their funds for a while, some Maxis from other areas were already shouting the dead of Bitcoin Cash, apart from that it looked that SmartBCH was getting centralized and didn't look safe.

But this happened somewhat for a good, it proved that actually good products survive, and those who work hard no matter the market condition and controversy can result in a solid project towards consolidation.

And I think it deserves a good mention in this space, personally I've been watching how much all the project it's doing since the beginning, I don't know the team itself but the people who are in, are indeed people who can dedicate their life to pushing this project towards the trend of cryptocurrencies.

This project, self funded with the founder's own money, and no presale, showed a good sign of being decentralized since day 1, from the poorest investor to the richest can enter and start farming in different LP's, with different tokens offering good pairs from 100%+ APR.

Another good trait of this team, is that they work on different tools, forking the Ethereum ENS, creating the LNS service which had an awesome giveaway and the official NFT from the MistSwap team, the official SmartBCH explorer, and it's a strong contributor of the BlockNG chain, being used as the temporal service for bridging in the ecosystem until SHA-GATE comes to the gate (already on testnet).

All of this put Mistswap in the top 10 of rising DeFi projects recently, increasing the TVL of the ecosystem organically, putting a strong example how much a team needs to work in order to achieve Decentralized Finances without any VC or institutional funding. It doesn't feel bullish? at least for me everything what comes naturally by market decisions and smart people, feels bullish and I don't care about market conditions, at long-term we have the huge profits.

Using the Misty Alerts we can see in real time the movements of the exchange and now only from the Mist token but the other tokens where the Mist team contributed.

Also, it has a charismatic community involving competitions, airdrops and charming influencers who constantly gives good vibes both in Twitter and Discord. You can use the governance system in Discord in case you don't like the different proposals the team gives promoting individual thoughts and many of them hope for the best based in real economics.



Special mention to:,, and those who gave me great insights when I was testing all the Mist stuff :D.

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6 months ago
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