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It is SmartBCH a weak network to build?

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5 months ago

It feels like we have different chains going around with the same base, no matter if it's an L1 or L2, but people often ignore what's behind the scenes neglecting fundamentals and tokenomics. So let's do a quick overview to determine how to considerate a network good

What's a good network?

Right now, we take security into action because recently, we can find chains that constantly struggle to provide safety against exploits, stolen funds, and almost non-existent attempts to attack the ecosystem.

Secured networks should come with a grade of decentralization, so block producers and validation can increase tolerance against malicious attacks and allow users to work more freely.

Tokenomics can increase flexiblity of different use-cases and it's one of the solid ways to keep a network stable, one mistake in tokenomics and you can ruin a whole network.

Security - Decentralization - Tokenomics - User Friendly = Freedom.

So, why SmartBCH can offer a better alternative than different top chains?

Most of the different L2s nowadays can't handle the user traffic due to limitations of their L1 part, Ethereum it's already big, and a few pools can contribute to the strength of the network, and their EVM tech it's already capped.

The rest of the L1s can be perfectly designed, but their dApps can easily create a disaster through big loans of money through liquidation (High Slippage). Let's see some pictures.

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3

These are consolidated chains, and of course, they work well, but they can't go towards massive adoption; institutionalization will kill most of these chains through large amounts of money on dApps, MEV will increase with swaps, and chaos could eventually be chronic.

SmartBCH as a fresh product can solve this at long-term.

Both Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH have high On-Chain and Off-chain activity enough to move significant amounts of liquidity without disturbing the network impact and functionality; it is simple, Bitcoin Cash doesn't suffer from MEV alteration where malicious miners could extract more money by bugging transactions, and naturally different miners had to see the intention of it, tracking the stability of the PoW accurately.

Using BlockNG bridge and Mistswap DEX swaps with a good aggregator can lead you to move huge amounts of liquidity without any security problem or buggy contracts since the sBCH EVM it's actually more powerful to provide off chain movement.

You can both move high funds on chain and off chain since they are secure enough, and the slippage doesn't highly impact the both off and on chain activity.

I would say this is also a good security trait since nowadays it is hazardous to move significant funds in some networks. Use SmartBCH not only by being powerful but being incredibly safe. No shutdowns, no rugpulls, and natural economy flow.

Enjoy this weekend and remember to spread the word, I'm glad to see smartBCH growth, and I expect to see more investors supporting the internet revolution!

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5 months ago
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