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RM, Favorite Soup of Most Filipinos

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5 months ago

Hello dear friends. How are you all? Are you fond of having soup?

My circle of friends likes soup, especially RM soup. I never really know what it truly stands for but some say it's "remember me soup". Some people say that the soup is made of the reproductive parts of the cattle(beef). But the ones that I have consumed were made of lean beef.

This soup store where we bought the soup is located beside the highway where I usually pass to and fro work. Last week, my husband got busy with his work (his scrap buy and sell business) and was not able to get me right after work. he arrived at 6:30 , I waited for him about 30 minutes but my waiting was productive thanks to we were already hungry and are creating for soup so we stopped by and here is what we saw:

Cattle legs locally known as "SEKI" were boiled for hours to soften the meat. It is abundant in cartilage which is good to eat when tender. The store owner said it was not yet ready and still needs to be boiled overnight.

My husband wanted bulalo, a lean beef and bones which has locally called "utok sa bukog" or bonemarrow which is really good and healthy. It was sold for 400-450 pesos and the price was too high for me. Good thing I convinced him to buy RM instead which costs only 40 pesos.

The pot was huge, and so was the spoon. Inside the vat was beef, lemongrass, ginger, and spices. It smells delicious.

While the store owner was still preparing, I took my chance and looked at how they were able to cook with three pots at the same time. the oven was made with concrete materials. an opening is just small, enough to feed the firewood. There are three holes above where the butt of the pots can be put directly to fire and ventilation, a metal tube that they installed to make the smoke go above their establishment.

What they did was great, it made them save time, and the fire was utilized.

This is their show area which is foggy because the food they displayed were hot.

Their store is situated on a highway which is accessible by the truckers. The drivers can park their trucks on the side of the road and eat in their store. Some bring their own rice and only buy viand.

The store owner thought I am a blogger, but I just started here. he asked to join and I sent him the link thru messenger. I didn't know if he has already opened it, I haven't checked my messenger yet. But I do hope he already joined.

Walking toward the motorcycle, I took a selfie with their store.

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Written by   13
5 months ago
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