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My observations and thoughts on Valentines day

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4 months ago

Valentines day never really mattered to me since I have my hubby with me always and that we kind of make every day special even if we only have to share a cup of coffee.

Yesterday, February 14, heart's day as they declared, I went to 7 eleven to caah in on my gcash wallet. I don't like using machine they have so I used my cliqq app instead, it's fast and easier to use for it can go through the contacts and will have the least percentage of getting the number wrong. When finished on the transaction on the app, the screen would display a bar code and all the teller would have to do is scan the code, ask for payment, give change if any and give you the transaction receipt and voila! You will receive a message notifying that you had received it already.

Upon waiting in the line, I saw a man, he was having hard time on holding the chocolates that he will be buying for he is scanning through his pockets for something, a little later, he put the chocolates down and I was able to capture it. I scanned through the store and noticed that only the expesive chocolates were left in the display.

The chocolates belonged to the man in white shirt
Nerlar empty chocolate shelf display

My transaction was quick, I didn't plan on going that time but hubby ran out of load so I have to refill. Also, we have to supply load for his nephews and nieces too, his will ran out quickly if we don't do so.

I have seen men holding bouquets of flowers, some just a single flower, and there is a man who has a bouquet but with only a tiny Teddy bear on. Some brought it with thier hands, an some were in the pockets. I just hope thier loved ones will be very happy about it. My co-workers too were busy with flowers. The staff in the main office were allocated with sunflowers by our general manager, and they gave me 4. Since I was the only one given in our office, I gave each one of my co-workers each. Hubby said that I will give mine to his mother.

Sir fonzy
Sir Loel

After I gave one to Sir Loel, he narrated how the Valentines day in 2021 went. He didn't really cared about that day but his kids insisted to surprise the wife. His daughter said he has to prepare flowers for her and she and her sibling will buy the cake. Early in the morning on the 14th, his daughter did the surprise, he was not ready yet and so he told them to wait for a little while. He came back with a rose in his hand and handed it to his wife then the wife said in an angry manner:

"why did you get the flower of the rose that I planted!? "

Then we had a good laugh on that part and so I told him, "sir, give that to your with on the 14th. That way, you won't be cutting her plants again." and we all had another sst of laughter.

After the successful transaction, I crossed the street, I used the pedestrian crossing to be safe and came across a man near his 50s, carrying a bag and it looks heavy. Maybe be was from his work and about to go home. He looks tired and so I smiled at him. I guess he didn't see it for I was wearing facemasks that that time then a thought came to me: what if one day on a valentines day. I will distribute flowers to people like him and give them lot smiles so their day will be lighter? And thier loved ones will be happy too for they had brought them flowers. Wouldn't that be a good idea, right?

Simple gestures can make the day brighter, Even a smile would do. I hope someday I will be able to materialize this random thought that came to me, thatbis if I would not forget about it.

And maybe, well, let's remove the word maybe, let's show love everyday; that way, this world will be better.

Love lots, Yoi❤️

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Written by   61
4 months ago
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