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The Way I See The Astrological Signs (1/2)

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8 months ago

I have been into Astrology for more than a year now. When I started my plan was only to learn about my signs (yes, we have more than one sign and the most commonly known sign is only the Sun sign), but I couldn't help getting interested in the other signs as well. So here are my personal takes on each sign, both based on research and on personal experience with people of these signs. I will start with their weaknesses and end it with their strengths.

Before you start reading I must let you know first that I am not at all an expert in this. These are all subjective and may differ from other people's opinions.

1. Aries

Whenever I am to describe Aries, I love to begin with, "Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, he's the one to kick start the movement." Aries is ruled by Mars, and Mars in Greek Mythology is Ares the God of War. That explains their endless drive, but Mars also has a great influence on Aries' temper. He is easy to annoy and even anger. If an Aries person is unevolved, they might even use violence to express their anger. Aries is so passionate and just very fiery. Being the first zodiac sign, he doesn't like being left behind. He doesn't like to back down either and he is practically synonymous to the word pride.

Now for the strengths, as you may have noticed, most of the Aries people are also the ones who have a good sense of leadership and have no problems going first in anything. Because Aries being the first sign, he's a natural initiator. I love that about them, and to be honest, everyone probably loves that about them. You will also notice that most Aries people just don't stop moving. They have no problem running errands, going one place to another all day everyday. They are just so abundant when it comes to energy and life force. That's also why they have the power to make their ideas actually exist in the 3D realm.

2. Taurus

Being an Earth sign ruled by Venus (Aphrodite), Taurus can be a little too materialistic. She likes luxurious things and, especially if unevolved, often has overspending problems. Because Venus is the planet of love and beauty, Taurus also have the tendency to be vain or shallow, in a way that looks matter more to them than anything. Also, she is a fixed sign, meaning she is stubborn and don't really compromise. She can be stuck in her ways and may close her mind for whatever others have to say, even if it's for her own good. She doesn't like being pressured or timed. She likes to take her time, do things at her own pace with no one bossing her around.

Taurus is a very easy going sign. I am personally fond of Taurean people. They are fun to be with and they really help keeping me grounded by their light and laid-back nature. She is dependable and has an unparalleled perseverance, especially when it comes to things that she really gives importance to. This is where the strength of her stubbornness comes in. Taurus is also often accused of being lazy, but if you come to think of it, Taurus being ruled by the planet of love and beauty, it might be that she only really wants to exert effort into things that she personally thinks are beautiful. Once she finds something beautiful enough for her and arouses her interest, rest assured that she will go to extreme lengths to work for it. Though they are good at concealing their emotions (often times with humor), Taurean people being ruled by Venus, they follow their heart more than their mind when it comes to decision making. She is decisive, sensual, and effortlessly attractive. Once she puts her mind to something, there is no changing that.

3. Gemini

Gemini is represented by The Twins. These twins symbolize Gemini's nature to be pulled by two opposing energies at once, that is why he is one of the most indecisive signs. Because of this he can be unreliable or inconsistent; his mind changes every second. The two faces representing Gemini is also the reason why he is often labelled as, well, two-faced. Gemini is a mutable sign, in simple explanation he easily adapts the flow of his surrounding so he can be confusing and seem like he has different personalities, especially from the perspective of a fixed sign. He can be quite nosy/gossipy so if you are planning to tell a Gemini your deepest secrets, don't.

Despite having his nose in almost everyone's business, Gemini is secretive when it comes to himself. I've noticed this about my Gemini friends, and even Gemini celebrities. They are funny, but it's just hard to read them and to be welcomed into their personal lives.

One of Gemini's strengths is their intelligence. Ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind and being an air sign (air signs are all about intellect and ideas), they are naturally curious and they will quench that curiosity. They are good at communication. Because of these traits, Gemini people are often journalists, public speaker, teacher, researcher, and even scientist. They are informative too because of their abundance of knowledge. As I have mentioned too, they are adaptable so they don't struggle with changes as they have the ability to easily cope with it. Air signs are also naturally friendly and value social harmony, so that makes a Gemini fun to be with.

4. Cancer

Cancer is the most emotional among all the water signs. She is highly sensitive. But mind you, she's also the most feisty, even more so than Scorpio. You hurt her and she hurts you back. I love water signs, but I have to admit Cancer is my least favorite among them. Cancer people are just a little too over exaggerating, like Pisces x2. They have the worst victim mentality. They can be sooo moody it's so hard to keep up with them sometimes, and just like the other water signs, they can be manipulative too even without realizing. Cancer is prone to codependency. She also sugarcoats a lot and is passive aggressive, mostly because she is afraid of standing up for herself.

But Cancer is the mother figure of the zodiac. She is nurturing and healing. Quite feminine, I tell you. She is both receptive and giving, though sometimes she can give more and receive less, and vice versa. Because she is sensitive, she is also an empath who can easily put herself in others' shoes. She is compassionate and has a good heart. She may believe she is doing things for a good cause even through manipulative means, though. She is a cardinal sign just like Aries (and Capricorn) so she can be a good leader. I have a Cancer Rising bestfriend, and I am almost 100% positive that I would not have gotten through highschool without her aid. Cancers are so good at being of help to others, nurturing them and guiding them like they're their parents. Cancer being cardinal I think is also the reason why they're considered to be the best moms in the zodiac. Because they are compassionate enough to be so understanding of their children, and their natural sense of leadership helps them really guide their children and raise them right.

5. Leo

Ohhh Leos. His ruling planet (I don't know if I should call this a planet 'cause it's not really a planet) is the Sun. They are fun to be around, just really draining as hell because Leo is the sign of children and playfulness so they can be pretty rowdy, especially when in a good mood. They can be a little too demanding of attention. Because of the attractiveness he possesses, he can grow rather vain of it, making him one of the most superficial signs, really. He may also be a complete show-off. The Sun is the planet of ego, so yeah they can be quite egotistical.

(Just a tip: Wherever Leo is in your chart, you will excel in that area, and it might even bring you fame. Say it's in your 9th house. 9th house is the house of learning and education. If Leo is in there, you will simply excel at school.)

Leo is personally one of my most favored signs. Because Leo is childlike, it is easy for him to lighten up tense situations. As have mentioned, Leos are really fun to be around, just as long as they don't overdo their playfulness. They are warm having Sun as their ruling planet. They are just effortlessly charismatic and attractive, because just like the real sun, Leo shines wherever he goes, whether he likes it or not. You may notice most celebrities have Leo placements, if not a straight up Leo Sun. The Sun also is the planet of creativity so it is natural for him to be creative and be into arts, whether it is painting or literature, or really just any kind of art. Although he is playful, he is brave. He is protective, especially of his loved ones and of the things that make up his identity.

6. Virgo

Phew, Virgo. Where do I begin? I honestly have a love-hate relationship with this sign because there are things that I just love so much about her, but her negative traits are also the worst in my eyes. Okay, let's begin.

Virgo, she needs to stop thinking that she always has the best opinion in the room. Yes, most of the times she does. And even at times when hers isn't the best, it sure as hell still matters. But because of Virgo being stereotyped as the best giver of advice, Virgo people almost always think that they're right about everything and just like Aries, they close their minds to what others have to say. This is one more thing I like to say about Virgos: they are a more tamed and calm version of Aries. They like criticizing things, even people, but when they are the one being criticized they don't like it. If not that, they are the one overcriticizing themselves. If unevolved, Virgo people can also be highly judgmental (yeah, because they always think they perceive things right). Virgo can be obsessive, especially with details, and a perfectionist (both when it comes to others and to herself).

But just like the other signs, Virgo has her strengths, too. She is practical and grounded. 3D world tasks? Consider them all accomplished with Virgo. She is not selfish, she loves to give to others. She even loves doing things for others. Most Virgo people's love language is acts of service. She is not driven by her emotions so she is rational 99% of the time and makes the most practical and realistic decisions. She is also one of the most responsible signs. She likes things organized. She likes to have a structure, a schedule, a plan, a routine. If a Virgo is evolved too they can be such an effective grounding presence, especially for water signs. And even though sometimes they suck at giving emotional support, they do give good advice and solution to things. She is not one to fall in love easily but when she does, she is devoted and loyal to just one person.

Author's note: Every sign has its strengths and weaknesses. But if you think about it, even their strengths can turn into weakness if it's being overdone or overused. It is proof that good things can be bad if not in moderation. So always remember that to have a meaningful life, it is not perfection we must seek; it's balance.

Part 1 done.

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Written by   2
8 months ago
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Didn't see mine here I'm an Aquarius actually, though this one was really enlightening. I totally agree that cancers are the emotional ones. cant wait for more content from you.

I'm also new here though I haven't written anything yet. maybe we can be article reading buddies, though that is if you are interested in literature because I am considering writing on that genre. 😂😂😂😂

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8 months ago