5 Signs that your dog loves you

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11 months ago
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We love them and considered them as a family, and Sometimes we always say "I love you" to them even though we know that they will not respond to us in words. But they do show their love for us in various ways like cuddling and some of which we might understand right away. Thus, we should learn to recognize these signs, to be able to communicate with them and build a stronger bond.

As I have said, dogs can't communicate with words but they do show it with signs and their behavior to show what they are feeling. So here are the signs that your dog loves you:

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If your dog loves to lick you in face or hands, they just showing you their affection, it might be greetings, or they are trying to get your attention and play with them. It's a common thing that they do to their owner, as for me, my dog always did that whenever I get home. Some owner call it a "giving kisses" and considered it as sign of affection.

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It's another physical sign that your dog trust you. Dogs usually lean against us, sometimes they put their head on our lap, lay on us if they want a belly rub, it just that they are comfortable around us and feel safe.

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Following us around

We might notice that they sometimes follow us everywhere around our house, in kitchen, bathroom or they just sleep on our laundry if we left our clothes on the floor right? Sometimes, they might pop up into our room to check on us if we are there or if we've been out of sight for a while.They wants to be near from us as much as possible. But, it only shows how they trust and love you and that you make them feel safe.

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Eye Contact

Eye contact releases a chemical called oxytocin, often know as the “love hormone”—a chemical that causes comfort and connection sensations in dogs. Long-lasting eye contact demonstrates that your dog knows you and values your relationship. Although not all dogs are adept at maintaining eye contact, you may train them to do so.

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Wagging tail

Dogs wag their tail to shows their excitement, the faster the wag, the more excited the dog is. Additionally, a full body wiggle might indicates that your dog is extremely happy and eager for engagement.

So now you know some of the signs that your dog loves you! It’s important to know how your dog is really feeling and pay attention to their body language to understand what them happy. Also, return their affection by always showing how you much love them.

How about you? Which of these signs your dog does? Free to comment below!

Hope you enjoy reading it! 😉

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