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The mindset of a programmer

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1 year ago

In this article, I talk about programming, but most importantly I talk about learning a skill that might not be suited for everyone, as many people try programming and fail, and that's because they don't understand the idea behind what they are doing.

Here is an example let's say you wanted to play chess. You might understand how the pieces move. Kings, move one square in any direction, pawns only move forward, and so on but, to truly be good at chess, you have to not only get the moves, you need to either adopt a style or make your style and style is the mindset behind the game it's represented in a form of abstraction the offense is the best defense, for example, another method will be to protect rather than an attack at the end a style only serves the objects.

And the object of programming is simple. You have a problem and you use your programming language whatever is the language of your choice to provide a all comes down to problem-solving skills. That's how I understand programming that's my mindset. 

There are a lot of courses out there that will teach you how to code but not how to program that's why not everyone makes it however there are courses like Harvard cs50 that does focus on programming itself rather than coding or simple syntax.

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