Does he love you Here are 10 signs that will answer this question!

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does he love me? Sometimes it may seem like this, and sometimes we are confused about them.

We keep looking for signs, analyzing what he says and does, and we try to get him to start talking with us.

My dear, here is a summary of the matter, according to what Dr. Diana Kischner, therapist and family relations supervisor, has published on Love in 90 Days.

When someone loves you, the matter is clear. This is most evident in the case of young people who want true love and a healthy relationship and are ready for that.

There are no jumbled messages, no hidden meanings, and no need to ask. Because a man's love for a woman is evident.

does he love me? Here are 10 key signs

Here are 11 basic and clear signs that you should watch to answer the question: Does he love me? Or how do I know that a man sincerely loves me?

Although no one person can fulfill all of these signs, the person competing for your heart will show most of them. And your affairs with him will be better and better over time.

1- Is eager to see you.

It will not leave you stuck in questions as to whether he is still alive. He will arrange meetings with you and see you often. Sure, from time to time this will conflict with his or her work, but it won't make excuses that it's busy for days and weeks.

2- He wants to communicate with you on a regular basis.

The person who loves you will be in close contact between each of the two encounters. He will not let the days pass without communication.

3- He wants to please you.

Someone who loves you will do everything in their power to make you happy. He or she will want to know which restaurants you prefer, which types of food you like.

He will offer you to come to pick you up from your workplace, and several times he will adjust his schedule to please you with thoughtful signs.

4- He listens to you and pays attention to details.

He will remember the funny story you told him or your favorite song.

Of course, we all have moments of forgetting, but those little things he remembers will amaze you.

5- He hesitates to leave you and leave the place.

The person who loves you will want to stay with you!

He will see you a lot, and he will not interrupt the meetings. He will hang around during the call before sending it, and you will find him in front of your door without hesitation.

6- Consistent with itself.

A person who loves you will not let days and weeks pass without seeing you. He will make sure to see you whenever possible.

7- Willing to lend a hand in ways that meet your need.

The man who loves you will adjust his schedule and give up some of his plans to meet your needs. And if you said something was bothering you, he'd be there.

8- He respects you and respects your boundaries.

When a good person loves you, he will respect the boundaries you set. It won't drive you to do something you don't want to do, and it will then make you feel guilty.

09- He will be more receptive to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing you to his friends and family and to spend time with both of you.

You will not be a secret in his life. Over time, he will unlock the secrets of his life for you.

10- He will tell you that he wants his future to be with you; With time he will actually start planning for this future.

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