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Shiba Gets Serious 2.0

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1 month ago

Shiba Inu token just flipped Dogecoin to become the king of meme coin. Even Elon Musk cannot influence Doge to take over Shiba. It becomes truly a people token.


Why does Shiba flip Doge

Shiba has more features than Doge did. Doge is a layer 1 blockchain that requires more extensive works to upgrade and add features. While Shiba is a layer 2 token that runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain which has its own functionality including an exchange platform, and it is capable to issue NFTs and scaling up quickly.


Shiba is a meme within a meme

Shiba is a better version of a meme than Doge. Doge is just a meme of Shiba dog and the crypto earlier movement. Shiba is to meme the Doge and the later movement to become a better version of Doge is it can.


Shiba gains popularity quicker

Shiba builds their community quicker than Dogecoin did. They grew quickly within a year and gain a list on the majority of crypto exchange platforms within a year. More people have easy access to Shiba than the earlier stage of Doge did helps Shiba scale up fast.


Shiba is controlled by people

Shiba is owned by many people. 40% or more of supplies are owned by the public compared to Dogecoin which only 1% owned almost 50% or more of the supplies. 


Shiba is cheap compares to Dogecoin

Shiba is dirt cheap compared to Dogecoin. You can easily own millions of Shiba under $100. Shiba also continues burning their supplies to inflate the price.


In conclusion

Shiba winning this time does not mean Shiba will win all the time. However, Shiba gains more attraction than Doge recently due to its functionality and popularity. It is a time for Doge to reconsider their future.

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