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Metaverse Begins with Crypto

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6 days ago

Metaverse and NFTs have merged together. We are entering the Metaverse faster than we expected.

What is the Metaverse?

Similar to virtual reality that similar to the Sim game, the metaverse is a digital world that connects all digital devices together. Gaming, social media, cryptocurrency, email, virtual reality, anything that can turn into digital will connect together.

Facebook got a big plan

Mark Zuckerberg already had a plan to enter into Metaverse using virtual reality. Social media will integrate into Metaverse as a tool to communicate with others. However, there is more interaction involved.

Who cares about Facebook, NFT is coming

Despite the Facebook grant plan, people move toward the crypto future that integrates into Metaverse as the free marketplace. NFT is a trend for many people to get involved and exchange with their favorite arts and themes.

Why NFT is the pivot point

NFT gives Metaverse a new meaning to stay. People now can exchange cards or digital assets with their friends. They can even share their digital assets and play with them just like share games in the old day.

Metaverse is a gaming culture

The community in Metaverse embraces the gaming culture. People are gamers in the Metaverse. They share their awards and play to earn.

Crypto integrate with Metaverse

The development of Metaverse can help crypto to expand its marketplace into deeper digitalization. Crypto helps Metaverse to become more valuable and makes digital assets worth a trade.

In conclusion

Metaverse is no longer a dream. Crypto helps to push Metaverse further and deeper. We are moving into a new era of the digital world.

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Written by   10
6 days ago
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