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Dream World: When You Own Assets Just Like a Dream

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1 month ago

Welcome to the world when you own something valuable that you are never going to use it. Real Estate is the most overvalued asset in the century which was burst in 2008.

Why Real Estate is a dream?

The ovulation of Real Estate is guesstimated by appraisal. The more valuable the asset, the more you pay your taxes to the government. It is a major income source for the government to pay for their services to you. 

The quality of government services is not exist

Despite you pay taxes, the quality you receive is irrelevant to how much you pay to the government. No matter how much you pay, you get the service that you are compliant it all the time. Yet they consistently offered you the same service.

The system has a loophole 

The reason for Real Estate evaluation increases is because you will pay more taxes. Inflation artificially pushes up the economy in valuation but the real price you pay is from your hard earn money. Because your income does not automatically increase along with the inflation, you likely lost money in the long term even you see your housing valuation is up. 

The housing market is illiquidity

You cannot turn your house into cash just within the next hour. You will have to spend more money to sell your house and there are not many buyers that want your home after all. 

Blockchain takes housing valuation advantages

By integrating blockchain technology into housing value, you can trade a fraction of the valuation and enjoy the gain once the valuation is up. It also provides liquidity so that you can sell your fraction whenever you want to.

Sharing economy is the future?

The question is rising that if sharing economy is the true future. In the past decade, sharing economy simply makes everything more expensive and unaffordable. Will the next decade make sharing economy suddenly viable? 

In conclusion

Blockchain technology makes housing prices liquidate but the valuation is just like a dream once you awake, you have to face the reality.

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Written by   13
1 month ago
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