Crypto is in its own trap

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9 months ago

How often do you trap in your imagination and find it hard to get out until someone tells you in a way you feel harsh?

It is difficult to realize your fault until someone tells you so.

I bet crypto will have a new narrative again since the inflation environment did not take the fiat system down and crypto was beaten badly.

You would have a great and better version of the crypto this time.

AI, with crypto is the ultimate solution.

Forget about the previous prediction, they were wrong because they were suckers in the past.

The new technology will dominate, and crypto will inevitably replace the old system.

Just because the last crypto products were not working does not mean the crypto died. Instead, it will become more stronger.

Crypto is back baby! And we are going to the moon, again!

Be aware of the narrative, it is the same one but includes a new trend.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. But just be aware.

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

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