Trade US 2020 election with FTX Exchange

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Most of you may know FTX Crypto Derivatives Exchange and its FTT Token.

This crypto exchange  has many interesting features (Up To 101x Leverage, World's First Index Futures, Stablecoin Settlement...). Many articles have already written by better writters than me but did you know that an other fun feature is existing?

Indeed, FTX offers a pretty funny feature that allows you to trade and earn cryptos by betting on the US elections and its candidates.

TRUMP-2020 (TRUMP) is a futures contract on FTX.  TRUMP expires to $1 if Donald Trump wins the 2020 US presidential general election, and $0 otherwise.

Similarly, the other President 2020 contracts (those for other US 2020 Presidential candidates) settle to $1 if they win the 2020 election and $0 otherwise.

TRUMP and other President 2020 contracts trade the same way as other futures on FTX: you can go long or short using any of the available forms of collateral.  PnL is paid out in USD.

All details on President 2020 futures contract here.

Subscribe FTX Exchange and get a fee discount here.


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