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Earn more with Lottery challenges - Coinpot features update

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2 years ago

Hi claimers and Coinpot's fans,

In a previous post I described my results on the Coinpot multiplier's method.

With the new coinpot's lottery and multiplier's features, a new strategy to gain more coinpot tokens can be used.

Indeed, Coinpot's multiplier give you free lottery tickets when rolling such specific numbers.

For more details, you can find Coinpot multiplier strategy in comments of this post (step-by-step screenshots).

According to Coinpot's instructions, these free lottery tickets are given when you roll 3 same digits. The prize is 1 ticket for a  1 stake roll, 10 tickets for 10 stakes roll... (it's recommended  to roll only 1 stake to be effective).

The only condition is to "use them on the same day that they are won".

Coinpot's Free lottery tickets instructions

Imagine  what could be your additional earnings if you use both multiplier (100 000 rolls per day) and tickets challenges.

Lottery tickets bought challenge

And to be more optimisitic imagine that the lottery's ticket you play are winners...

Lottery wins Challenge

Free tickets win with this method (2 hours test)

I hope this quick presentation will be helpful and i'll give you my results within a month.

Feel free to ask questions in comments.


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 TEST N°1: 100 000 rolls a day = 1167 free tickets for lottery

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Written by   17
2 years ago
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Hi, test n°1 is done: 1167 free tickets whe doing 100 000 rolls a day challenge (screensshot added in the post).

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2 years ago